Friday, February 14, 2014

Revisiting Harry Potter #1

   So as you may know I am rereading Harry Potter and if you don't know I have made a vow to not watch the movies till I read the book and I've decided to make a little feature where I tell you what I've forgotten about the books, what I wish made it into the movie and little things I knew about and/or found out. I'm also going to try and get the audio book to read along with from the library. I've also made a deadline for it of Harry's birthday, which is the end of July, by all means you can join me in this revisiting of Harry Potter. In the prosses of making a button, which I will get up soon I just didn't want to delay this any longer, which you can grab if you have a blog, and don't forget to leave me a link or just comment how your doing and what you forgot about the books, ext.

   So welcome to my first Revisiting of Harry Potter. So I had already read Sorcerer's Stone last year but didn't decide to have a post for them till after I read, listened to audio book, and watched the movie, so this is for it.

   Ok so right off the bat the first ten pages! Where did these pages come from I don't remember them at all it follows Vernon and about that frightful day that took poor Harry's parent's, man you would have thought I never read it, true enough this isn't in the movie and I quite like the opening to the movie better. Another thing, Petunia in the book is (pause for effect) blonde, wow, however I couldn't picture a better actress to portray her, Fiona Shaw is funny physically and has good timing and I think that's the type of character Petunia needed, though we don't see that much of her for the first Harry Potter, there's more for the rest of the books.

   As with any book to movie there's always going to be some things changed or taken out what matters is if the things taken out are minor little things or not entirely important and the things that are changed to have it look better or put in a better scene in a way to make it flow better is when it counts, as long as it doesn't change the story if it doesn't make it better then that's just wrong. I myself like most of and changes or rearranging they did for the movie, what I like most is that the people making the film, a.k.a director, screen play writer, and any other important person on the set went to J.K. Rowling and really had her involved in the process of everything, asked her if things could be changed or taken out, and that how it should be, a fresh new author being introduced into the film industry and being told 'hey you can put you foot down and say no that has to be like that or be in it' from the very start I think is the right thing to do, not just taking over and doing what they want to do to it and chopping it to hell *cough, City of Bones, cough* . Like we all know that Daniel Radcliffe has in fact blue eyes but Harry has green, well they wanted Daniel to wear contact but they irritated him, J.K. Rowling told them that as long as they got a woman who has the same eyes, well same color eyes anyway after all it'd be hard to find someone non related who actually has the SAME eyes, to play his mom its fine.

   There are a few things I forgot about and after rereading it I kinda wish it made it into the movie, for instance the sorting hat has a song in the book, that would of been nice to have in the movie only instead of having it a song have more or a speech. Did you know in the book its not Ron who gets detention with Harry, Hermione, and Malfoy but its Neville who does and I kinda like what is in the book about how they got caught and why better then what is in the movie however I understand why is was taken out, and why they choose to have Ron be in detention instead after all they wanted to have most of the focus on them three since the rest of the books focus a lot on them as the main characters.

   Ok, the audio book! I loved the guy who read it his voice was very soft and warming, I liked most of the voices he provided for the characters, I say most because I think I might be spoiled with how the actors in the movie say somethings and the voice they have, he says some things and I'm like no that's supposed to be said sarcastically, I did enjoy following along with it though. When there was some action he kinda raised his voice all excitedly, when there was sneaking around he lowered his voice just slightly though, well actually maybe more subtle is a better word.

   I have the 2 disc dvd of all the movies, all except Deathly Hallows, had I know way back when I got like the first 2 movies that they would do a deluxe edition or do a full box sex with all the movies I 'might' have waited, emphasis on the might, if I'm lucky I might be able to get Deathly Hallows on dvd by the time I'm ready to read that book, again. So with the second disc there are obviously special features. Well one of them is interviews I forgot all about that and must of only watch it back when I first got it, well I watched it this time. In it Chris Columbus, the director, said that he apparently heard that there was talk about taking the best scenes from the first 2 or 3 books and making one movie, what the heck, that would have royally screwed up the series, he even said that. So thank goodness somebody was thinking straight if they did that the movies wouldn't be as popular as they are. Also there were only 3 or 4 books written and out at the time what would they have done for the rest or them?!

   I really think that Harry Potter opened the book to movie era, yes there were books made into movies, even miniseries, before it but none of those were a SERIES of books or for kids to young adult, even adult likes them clearly, and now we've got most big hit book series a movie or becoming a movie. Though I think that is awsome, especially if it's done right, sometimes a book needs to just be a book you know.

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