Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Merry Christmas!

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Just want to make a quick post. Hope everyone stays safe and enjoys their family.

Monday, December 23, 2013

I've got my tablet ♥

   Hey readers, sorry for such an empty November and December guys, been dealing with Thanksgiving and now Christmas and my cat was acting off recently, and got a little worried about her, she got better though, and sorry you guys my baby comes first. I hope that with the challenge I joined and others I hope to find and with features I want to start doing also I'm going to join a book tour site as I mentioned before still waiting for some votes on that you can see the choices here, that I'll keep better track and have something new for you all the time.

   Well as I'm sure you can tell by title I gave this post I finally got a tablet! And let me tell you I am LOVING IT!!! Though the app for blogger I do not like, I tried using it twice now and both times it didn't work out me, lol. I got a couple games, one of which I was addicted to for like 3 days straight before I got bored of it. I have also gotten a bunch of free ebooks, which I will list them at the end, and read a couple already, I already posted a review for one, I still need to write the review for the other. I'm having a hard time finding a carry case for it that I like, everywhere has cases yes but not one that you can carry it around in you know with a strap, after so long of looking at the different ones they all started looking the same. Which one did I get you ask? I spent a little more than I intended to but that little bit more got me a 16 GB instead of only 8 so I have plenty of room for TONS of books, haha. I got  the Dell Venue 8, little bit bigger than I was thinking of getting but a bigger screen is a bigger screen also as I said it has 16 GB.

   I already have a couple ereader apps I'm liking one called Aldiko, but those of you who have tablet/ereaders what's a good app to get, there's so many?
Now that I have a tablet I'm going to sign up for netgalley and get some arc books, however there's another one that I remember looking at a while a go but cant remember what its called. So if any of you know another let me know, thanks.

So list of books I got, these are all free. Pretty sure I've seen a weekly feature that lists free books of which I'll start doing, and I'll make a page that has them listed which I'll update frequently.
Sadly I've noticed that most the free ones are the first one in a series but doesn't offer the next one for free which is a little bit of a bummer but hey you win some you lose some.

You can find all of them on my goodreads shelf under free ebook.

Saturday, December 21, 2013

Twisting of Grimm Tales

   Free eBook Unenchanted: An Unfortunate Fairy Tale by Chanda Hana is the first in the series. This is the only in the series that is free and unless the second one becomes free I don't plan on getting it.

   I felt this book had a lot of potential it put a new twist on the Grimm Tales by making them a curse for the Grimm family descendants to have to complete the tales. And so when the curse, 'THE STORY', finds Mina Grime, seemingly ordinary high school girl, however unpopular, unnoticed, and has one friend, and has a crush, of course, on the cutest guy at school. Mina finds out she's not so ordinary after all, she is in fact a descendant of non other than the Grimm brothers themselves.
   However I was disappointed with it, it lacked the since of realism and adventure for me. There were several things that bugged me about it, like for one Brody Carmichael, Mina's crush, is apparently from old money, his family is the richest in the state, now let me ask you why if this family is so rich, and get in the press often, would they have their son in a 'Public School'? Don't richer than rich people put their kids in a private or boarding school, that's where every know rich family I've ever heard of did, I couldn't quite get pasted that. I would of just had him be the son of some business owner or something, have money yes, but to be the richest in the state no. It was constantly said how broke Mina's family was that her mom cant even get her a cell, yet it was said that anytime something strange would happen, i.e. the story finding Mina, that she packed up and left, I get saving money for a rainy day, hack I do that, but if you know that there is this curse and its looking for your daughter wouldn't you want her to have a cell in case ohh I don't know say the big bad wolf were to attack her. So that's two things I couldn't quite get past.

   As I said I really enjoyed the concept. You can't look at the cover and not tell there's some kind of red riding hood thing that's going to go on but at the beginning it seemed to lead to Cinderella, I'll give you one guess why, so I thought ohh it put both of them together somehow and I was excited to see how that was going to work out. Even after her mom tells her about the curse and she tells her mom that she wants to face it and stop running, for the sake of her brother, Mina still thinks that if she tells her mom anything that she'll pack up everything and go, when I felt that she should talk to her because she was married to her dad, who died on one of the tales, and so knows some things. I get some of the reason why she doesn't want to tell her mom everything its because she already went through 'The Story' in a way and to have to go through it again, but that's not the main reason she doesn't tell her anything.
   In light of making it seem like this book wasn't to my liking, and though I knew that one day I  would eventually write a review for a book I didn't care for, I hate the idea of saying a book was bad, in fact I would never say that simply because the author had the imagination and took the time to write-and complete-a story which takes dedication, I cant say I didn't completely disliked it when the fact is I did like some things. Her friend Nan is so funny, there are a lot of times where I laughed. There's some action throughout the book but the best or it is at the end.
Not every tale has a happy ending. In fact, many of them are grim.
   If there was any reason to read it, it would be for the end there are a few twists I can honestly say I didn't see coming, and thought it was great how we got the save 'grandma' part of red riding hood, and finally, Finally, Mina stop questioning everything, steps up and goes with her gut to do what she knows she has to do and how to do it. I know I didn't give a whole lot away and I said I wouldn't continue with the series unless the other books become free as well but I think Brody will have more parts of 'The Story' than what he played in this book.

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Whats in a Blog Tour

   Hey readers, so I do believe I've mentioned it before, that I want to join one of the blog tour sites. I only want to start out with ONE for now I don't want to get overwhelmed with saying I'll do so many. So I think that starting with one and seeing how I like doing them for a while is a great start. I think it will also be a great way to start the new year.

   I know a lot of blogs do a lot of different ones and in fact going to the blogs I follow even some that I don't I've seen soo many different ones, I've noticed some are more popular. In my search I've also noticed that some do more of one genre and limited of others. I would rather not just do one genre as I don't just read one genre and I'm sure you don't read just one genre either. So how about I make this into a vote. As you my readers will be the one who will read the post you tell me which tour site you want me to join, I know I don't have a lot of followers yet and I'm probably going to get different answers so give me your top 2 choices if you only see 1 that's fine (I'm just trying to insure that there will be a majority of one of them) and the one that I see the most votes is the one I'll be a tour host for. You can message from my contact page or leave a comment. I'll tell you which one it is in my New Year post. How does that sound? Also if you know how any of these run let me know what you think about it.

   So the tour site I've fond, and I found a lot, so I have limited them down.

RockStar Book Tours   This one looks like it does different genres in ya.

Book Nerd Tours
This looks to do a lot of romance with few of other genres.

Xpresso Book Tours
This one looks like it has the most verity of genres and cover revels, tours and blitz.


YA Bound Book Tours
This looks to have mainly New Adult books but it does have other genres as well.

 So I thought I knew of more now I cant think of them or find them but you know what I guess 4 choices is enough.

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