Friday, September 27, 2013

A Secret that need to be kept

   The second in Law of the Lycans series is The Keeping, as far as the describing of everything goes its much better. You actually get a location this time. This one focuses on Melody(Mel) and Ryne, we met Ryne in The Mating as Kane's older half brother. After the whole misleading evidence that pointed to Ryne being the cause for the attacks on the pack is taken care of in the big battle in The Mating, he is starting his own pack with Bryan, now his beta, and Daniel in a small town Stump River, Ontario, Canada. Mel, human, is struggling to make ends meet journalism student when she get hired to research and interview photographer Ryne Taylor.
   The beginning drags a little bit I think, we learn who hired Mel is the person who bought a photo of a wolf, i.e. photo of Kane that was mentioned in The Mating, Mr. Grayson but reasons get twisted since she only has contact with his lawyer whose rather a scumbag Mr. Aldrich. Melody is first in Oregon where she knows is where the photo was sold, but it takes some sneaking around to find out where Ryne is because no one is talking about him. Kane and Elise are only briefly in this one which I felt a tad disappointed about. With Mel asking questions about Ryne and this photo it has Kane and Ryne worried about the pack cause they have a law that they need to uphold if the existence becomes known.

   With Melody in town now she quickly makes friends with everyone in this small town, the couple who own and run the local paper, the couple who owns the small diner, and the waitress works at the diner and the bar, its your typical nice small town, as trying to get an interview with Ryne is harder than she thought it would be. He is constantly playing around her and dragging it out hoping to get the reason but also because his wolf keeps urging to be with her. With each passing day they both feel a connection Ryne feel drawn to her and Mel cant seem to not be attracted to him. With Ryne bringing her close until logic reminds him about their impending threat and pushes her away.
   With one last fall out that angers, frightens, and upsets Mel she goes back home to Chicago and that's where some action starts to happen, Aldrich kidnaps Mel, we learn why Grayson was looking for Ryne, of course Ryne is there to save the day, so don't fear.

   I really like Melody every time Ryne has something to say, when he's being sarcastic that is, she has a come back. However throughout the book you get the since that there's something about her. Something a little surprising happens and also someone I liked in the story dies, not Melody but still someone I liked. Oh and at the very end you find out someone who is working for Aldrich, I wont spoil who but youd be surprised.

   Cant wait to see where the next one goes I've already started it and its 3 years later.

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

A Werewolfs Bonding, Deception from Within

   I was informed about a series from a page I follow on facebook called Law of the Lycans by Nicky Charles, paranormal romance, free e-book series you can download it on goodreads, smashwords, feedbooks, I think B&N and Amazon also might have them though I'm not 100% sure. I liked that they are, or at least so far as I'm only on book 2 of the series, an actual length of a book not those 20 -50 pagers that is like one or two scenes and then you have to pay for the next one which will only take you five minutes to read, not that I have anything against those its just I with I could read the whole story. More often then not I find the five minute reads so it refreshing when I find a 300+ book for free online, wish I know the secret to find the long ones more often. I read the first book in one day, I don't know if its like this with any of you but the few books I've read online I think I read them faster than a actual book, unfortunately I don't have an e-reader/tablet, yet, so I read e-books on my laptop.

The Mating (Law of the Lycans, #1)   The Mating is the first in the series, it focuses on Elise the youngest daughter of the Alpha in the eastern territory and Kane, new Alpha of a werewolf pack, after the death of the former Alpha. If the very title isn't enough to tell you they've been mated, i.e. arranged marriage. There are a few things about it that could be better, like the setting, she doesn't really say where this story takes place and some things could of been described better, I didn't feel like I was there the way I like. But I did like it, how could I not when I read it in a day.
   Elise is young still only 19, she also is in love with Bryan, a pack member and friend she grew up with. But she suddenly is forced to be bonded with Kane and move. Without a care in the world and to suddenly be married to someone you never even meet before and move she handles herself well, nervous about everything, but well, though she's also sometimes ignorant. Kane as new Alpha has responsibilities to fulfill and so a lot of his time goes to that. Luckily most everyone is nice and friendly and welcoming, of course being the Alpha's mate your guaranteed some respect, however she by no means abuses or enforces that respect, and makes quick friends. The pack is like a family as is any wolf pack. Helen is like the mom she's the former Alpha's mate and she even puts it straight to Kane several times in fact that he needs to spend time with his mate, and she almost the only person who dares to say what may or may not be liked by the Alpha, Kane. You also have the Beta and his mate whose expecting their first and Julia and her mate. You also have the snobby thinks she's better than everyone B, Marla.

It was strange, but even after such a short time together, she found herself inexplicably comfortable with the idea of belonging to him.

   They fall into a dating like pattern quickly and even more quickly seem to form a bond with each other that at first Elise thought was only a physical one, but soon sees him and herself open up with each other. Faced with the normal challenges of being a new Alpha, Kane is also faced with what seems like a string of bad luck for the pack but is really intentional attacks on the pack supposedly by former pack member and co-beta Ryne. With the different pieces coming together slowly for Elise she starts to see a pattern emerge pointing to Marla involved, and by creating a fight between Kane and Elise after Elise sees Bryan, as a friend since they both realized that what they had was more like a brother/sister bond after she left.

   I like the writing it was sort of old fashioned she used "seed" instead of, well you know, and other things that you just don't see in writing these days, I think that added to the effect that the packs are still a little old fashioned about some things. The way it flowed was consistent. The sex scenes I thought could be better there was really only one and two that got me hot, lol. I want to tell you so much more about it but feel I'll give to much away and spoil it which I don't want to do. Some much happens that leads to a big chase and battle. It'll get your heart pumping, at least it got mine going anyway.

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Cover Love Sunday #2

Cover Love Sunday is a weekly feature hosted at The Quiet Girl Talks, where you choose your 3 favorite covers for each weekly theme. Anybody can do it, just check the Features page for themes ahead of time! :) 

This week's theme is...

   I didn't think this one would be that hard there's so many covers with a girl on it but I wanted to try and find one that weren't just a standard girl on it, proved a little harder. Now if it were a guy on the cover...oh no wait I'd still be looking at them too for the sheer enjoyment.

Teardrop (Teardrop, #1)
   This book isn't even out yet but I love the colors, the dress is water and the bottom just kind of free falls and splashes.

Dance with a Vampire (Vampire Kisses, #4)

   I like how she's dress and how the background looks vintage. The book isn't that bad either aimed for the teens to young adult.

Witchling (Otherworld / Sisters of the Moon #1)

   Found this book a few years ago though I don't really remember it that good think I'm gonna need to find it again but it was the cover the caught my eye, sexy yet strong and confident with a dark background. and love the way the title is.

   Well that mine for this week, what's yours?~

Tuesday, September 17, 2013


   Thought I would bring you an older book, as in it came out in the last generation, meaning if your in your 20's or even early 30's you probably haven't heard of it unless, like me, it was passed down to you from your mom and even your grandmother. I give you Shanna by Kathleen E. Woodiwiss, I happen to have one of the first originally published copies in 1977 from Avon books. I got mine from my mother and honestly I'm not sure if it was originally hers or my grandma's as its more my grandma's type of book and then gave it to my mother, either way I now have it. Its had a lot of republished copies though.
Shanna   It is a historical romance that takes place in the mid. 1700's in the Caribbean. If you like stories that take you to a different time and place, a women ahead of her time, and a tall, dark, and handsome man, seeking the love of a women who tries to deny him at every turn, then this your type of book.

    Shanna is the beautiful only child of self successful "Lord" Orlan Trahern who made his wealth more or less as an investor, he acquired an Isle in the Caribbean and is the sugar baron and lord manor. He wants to pass his fortune down, and see as its the 18th century women didn't take over the "family business", so he wants her to marry and start having kids. More importantly he wants her to marry into a name of recognition. However Shanna turns down everyone who comes to court her, they only see her fathers fortune, she doesn't want someone to be with her only because of the fortune they would get, after all who would. Orlan sends Shanna to London and tells her she has a year ending on her twenty first birthday to marry or he will choose. Shanna, though at times seems spoiled, and with every right to after all she grew up without a want or need, she is much like her father stubborn and forthright.

   With the year almost up Shanna formulates a plan. She goes to make a deal with a condemned to die man. This deal to marry for his distinguished name only to be widowed while giving him comfort in his last days. However he wishes that if he gives her his name that she must truly be his bride on that night.

   "Ah, yes," he chuckled derisively. "I thought that might see the real price of your predicament. You seek my name for a cause so dear, this name which is my last and sole possession and mine alone to give. When I ask the same of you-that the cost be what is yours alone to give-then the price is much too dear. So you reject the price, deny the bargain, and will be seen to that end your father wills."

   She reluctantly agrees. Thus a few days later sets up the marriage, and plan on having him taken away before the deed is done, only to fail at that. Ruark Beauchamp mad that he didn't get his part of their bargain, or rather that he was interrupted, refuses anything that Shanna sends him.
   Little does he or Shanna know Ruark is about to be saved from the gallows when he is bought as a bondsmen by none other than her fathers agent, Master Ralston, who is pretty much a crook. Beauchamp is a very distinguished name in England however Ruark comes from the Colonies, which if you know your history is what the New England states were called, and so its unknown whether he is part of the this family when he is accused for a crime.

   So now we are on the isle, but Shanna doesn't find out that Ruark is even alive much less on the island till months later. Ruark has become one of the top workers in almost every area, he's become the go to guy around there and so very likable by all, including Orlan. When Shanna does find out so begins the chase. At first Ruark just wants his night that was promised, but then it turns into actually winning her, as it were. He pretty much, at fist anyway, stocks her, he starts showing up everywhere Shanna is and Shanna tries to hate it. Every time he makes an effort, she dismissing it, and every time he insults her, she has a comeback every time falling into his trap.

   She denies him and yet she cant help but be with him. The sex scenes are great, now given the time that it was published  do NOT expect anything like fifty shades people maybe in Europe back then but not here. They had just enough detail.

'Her confusion came from the haunting sense of pleasure which now ebbed from her body. What spell had Ruark cast upon her that she should desire again that joining with him? She was alone in the room, but was just as sure that had he been there she would have yielded, nay, clung to him and demanded he give again that for which she yearned.'

   Someone also by the name Beauchamp visits the isle, who is from Virginia he appears not to have any relation to Ruark though. As she herself is now a Beauchamp he welcomes her to the family, of sorts. He is there for a short time and even insist they go to Virginia and see if they can do some trade there.
   Now its not a romance with out some drama, that is aside from Shanna trying to refuse Ruark as her husband, someone new comes into the picture and tries to weasel his way into Shanna's bed, and drive Ruark out of it. The town/island slut, as it were, puts a rift between Shanna and Ruark. It takes place in the Caribbean but sorry to disappoint there aren't any pirates......HAHA just kidding. Have you ever heard of a story that takes place in the Caribbean with out any!

   After the events with the pirates the feeling they share only grow. With their visit to Virginia coming up Shanna is no longer denying the feelings and even openly showing care for him. Even her farther sees that she is more open with him and nice toward him. When there thing only unfold from who really murdered that whom Ruark was accused of, to the truth about who Ruark is and so much more. It end so nicely too.

   This book has everything you could want romance, adventure, mystery. The dialog really puts you into the time period. The settings are so nicely described and detailed. I've seen a few of Kathleen E. Woodiwiss books they are all so well written. Some one I know has another one of her books and I plan on borrowing it at some point, just don't know when, lol. Truly worth a read.

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Cover Love Sunday

Cover Love Sunday is a weekly feature hosted at The Quiet Girl Talks, where you choose your 3 favorite covers for each weekly theme. Anybody can do it, just check the Features page for themes ahead of time! :) 

This week's theme is...
   So I found this meme and thought I could find covers I like every week that hopefully fit the theme. To fit with this weeks theme EYES I have for you maybe one of the most well known pair of eyes know in the world that are on the on the cover of this first book.
The Da Vinci Code (Robert Langdon, #2)   Though she is more known for her smile those eyes speak a lot. It is only fitting that this book should feature one of the most known paintings of all time painted of course by Da Vinci. I love that it kinda adds the effect that the painting is, for lack of a better word, deteriorating, but its got all these symbols and numbers, which just adds to what its about. The back ground is red and if you look closely you can see writing.
The Stone Light (Dark Reflections, #2)   It never said it had to be human eyes. This trilogy, The Dark Reflections Trilogy, has such nice covers and they coincide with each other they not only have the similarity, they each feature a half of a face that ties into both the title and the story. The cover for book two is my personal favorite. Its a lion on the cover and a black lion at that, how cool and the color of his eyes strikes you. I happen to be a leo, and I love big cats and of course lions are one of the top ones. ;) It goes along with the story perfectly as you may notice that is a wing a little behind the mane as this isn't just some ordinary lion its a Flying STONE lion, which is a character in the books. It got a perfect title that matches the cover and the story.

Witch (Doppelganger, #2)   Though its almost the same cover as Warrior I like the cover for Witch better. Her eyes just look confident and fierce, only added with the flame red hair. I have yet to get Witch but I have read Warrior. Just by the covers alone you know the main character is a strong woman.

What are the covers you would pick? Feel free to leave a comment or even check out the host's page.

Hope you enjoyed~

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Prophecies, Myths and a Force of Evil

   This was a little hard for me to get into, it started ok and then just kind of just stayed like that I even restarted it thinking did I miss something here I also felt like I went a number of days with out reading it and felt I should restart it. I was attracted to it for the title Shadows of Myth by Rachel Lee and was ohh that's an interesting title that's got to be about something good, and the description I thought it would have adventure and action, or rather more of it. While it was a little disappointing as far as the action goes cause there isn't really any till the end I did enjoy it. As for my powers of finding a stand alone, will I don't have them, this is in fact a trilogy, the second book is titled Shadows of Prophecy, will I get, sure, hopefully it can only get better. The end was the best part.

Shadows of Myth   Shadows of Myth starts with a woman who wakes up with no memory of who she is, at all, amidst a slaughter. She is the only survivor when Archer Blackcloak and his travel companions find her. They travel to the nearest town which is Whitewater where there we meet, among other towns people, Sara Deepwell and Tom Downey, who add a little background love story, but that's just what it is a background. The women soon recalls her name being Tess Birdsong along with other knowledge but doesn't know how she knows them or how she learned them. And you know there is something going on as its harvest time and an early winter has come in.
   Sara is the daughter of the inn keeper and her mother disappeared six years ago, Tom is the gatekeepers son, who is shy and  in love with Sara, they both feel they are meant to journey the land not stay in the small town though they do love the town. Sara's mother was a healer before to disappeared and so Sara learned a lot from her.
   The traveling companions of Archer are of the Anari race, Ratha and Giri freed men by Archer when he slayed the man who was trying to sell them as slaves. Archer is a traveler and warrior, through out the whole book it gives you a since that he has a long ago past and he was or did something that was part of how the land is now but never told what or who he really is.

   For the first part of the book your told the stories of the Ilduin, women who can wield magick and the First Born you learn about them and many things of this world the same time Tess is, while they are traveling to the city of Derda hoping to find answers of who attacked the caravan that was slaughtered that Tess awoke in. But all they find is more questions and more desperation. However they do learn the name of who they need to look for, which well send them on the second part of their journey.
   I wouldn't say that this part of the traveling was completely empty of any event there were a few things, a little bit of action, I felt like this leg of their journey the main focus was on the stories that Archer was telling of the ancient times, though they were good and the way they were told, it lacked for me the adventure and action. Also Tess and Sara kept sensing something within them, as if something and even sometimes someone was either warning them or an evil force call to them.

   Its not till they are traveling to the city of Lorense that things pick up. The characters start to open up more and grow and get stronger together. This is also where the action picks up, there was a volcano eruption, and I just love how its described, not once was it called a volcano. As its only logical the reason why it was even brought up Archer realizes it real quickly that Tess is in fact Ilduin, and theres is an Ilduin being forced to help this evil force, theres also other Ilduin still around. They encounter a creature that has long since been a legend to the Anari people. Tess gets kidnapped. And the big battle happens. Tess gets more sure of herself though she still wants to know who she is, she's stopped questioning herself and her instincts.
   It ends the Ratha and Giri finding out that something is going on where they come from and that they most go and help their people, after coming so far together no one is not staying behind they are going to see to the end of this greater dark force, and so makes for the beginning of their next journey, which is the next book. I hope with the next one it doesn't save all the action for the end.

Saturday, September 7, 2013

Coming Up #2

   Hey readers, sorry for the delay it was a week ago I said I wanted to make sure I do more post during the week. But the last few days I've been sick and have done nothing but sleep, I'm still not 100% yet but I felt like you needed to get something from me.

   So aside from being sick, earlier this week I restarted Shadows of Myth other wise I would of already been done with it and had a review for you, with doing nothing but sleep I've tried to get in at least a chapter or two the last few days but I don't think I did, hopefully I'll have it finished this weekend, however its due back to the library today so got to go and see if they will return it and then check it back out for me. I never did get to Rush by Maya Banks but that's ok I can check it out some other time or I might buy it I've seen it in a set where I can get all three don't remember the price though but sometimes when its like that is can be a little cheaper than to buy them separately

  I have a review coming for a book a read not long ago its a much older book, its not a classic but its older than me. I want a little time away from library books because I have books of my own that I want to read, however I don't see me staying away too long I want to forth house of night book so unless I find that at Target or Walmart before I go to the library again I'm sure there will be another library run before the month is out. But the books I have that I want to read well I mentioned them before. They are book one and two of the Black Jewels series by Anne Bishop.
  Daughter of the Blood (The Black Jewels, #1)             Heir to the Shadows (The Black Jewels, #2)

   This is all I'm going to give you for now. I wish I could say I have a used or bargain price book store near me but sadly I don't there is one that I know of but its not that close to me.

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