Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Rivals Till the End

   Finally finished the second half, or second book, of Wicked series: Curse by Nancy Holder & Debbie ViguiĆ©. Wow, ok wow compared to the first book this one is like five times better, and by that I mean it seemed to have gotten edited, there was flow, and it didn't feel like it was written by two people. You can check out my review for the first book here.
Wicked: Witch & Curse (Wicked, #1-2)

   Again, I don't think the synapses for this really gives you good insight about the book. Curse picks up shortly after Witch leaves off, Holly, Amanda and their coven have been learning all they could since the Black Fire, knowing that Michael is still out there. But when Holly is sent a vision telling her the Jer is still alive will she abandon her coven to find and save him. Meanwhile, Michael is believing that in order to conjure the black fire again for the Supreme Coven he needs to kill the strongest Cahor witch, aka Holly. Informed of a curse put on the Cahor's that any they care for drowns, he stops at nothing to lure Holly and anyone in the coven on a boat for the forces he created to aid in this curse.
Nicole, being scared of what having that kind of power truly means, we find her traveling through Europe only to have a coven of good male witches find her. Feeling as if something is following her, she grows attached to Philippe whose become like her protector.

  This one is diffidently much better written and edited, though there are still inconsistencies through out the book and repeatment, though not nearly as much. The main thing that was consistently repeated was Kari, Jer's sort of friend w/benefits, was so pissy with Holly for getting Jer almost killed, and its like pretty much the only thing we get out of that character. This one had better flow and when is changed the point of view or even the century you were told so the flash backs to the 1500's and whatnot your not sitting there wondering,  'umm where the heck did this come in?', much like I kinda felt with the first book. These history parts or the book are Luc Deveraux tracking down and trying to put an end to the Cahor's

Wicked: Curse (Wicked, #2)
   I'm still not seeing any other aspect of 'Romeo & Juliet' other then what is very clearly two families that want each other dead. Then again, an I just now thought of this while typing, Jer is recovering from his burns, that would have killed him if it weren't for his farther making a deal to keep him alive because he is part of the key to Back Fire, on a hidden island so I guess that can be seen as when Romeo gets banished. Our supposed Romeo & Juliet meaning Jer and Holly have still got no romance going on except that they say they love each other, but how, there's nothing there for any romance to build on for us, the readers perspective, we get nothing from the first book but what I told in that review, and they don't even see each other but in a vision. So in the romance department there's which is I guess our 'main' romance is more like on the second burner cause there's not one but two brewing romances, Amanda and Tommy of which Tommy has always had a crush on her and is trying get up that courage to say it however he might not need to anymore as we kinda get a hint the Amanda might be starting to see him in a different light, and Nicole and Philippe of which you definitely see a spark, he becomes her protector in a way and I'm more interested in how this gets through.

   We definitely see more Wiccan type magic and traditions. At the very beginning of the book there's an author's note from Nancy Holder saying the she learned some of the traditions of Wicca, and you gotta respect her for that cause that is really doing your research. I don't care who are if you want to represent something accurately, like for an acting part or a book, whatever, you got to learn what it is otherwise it just a much of stereotypical stuff. We learn that the cats the girls have are in fact their 'familiars' and they are as important to the coven as any other person in it, we see the use of oils and herbs. We also see the not so Wicca type magic and the magic we see in movies and books, like big magic battles with fireballs or a ghost army type stuff, so having the two together is sorta interesting.

   We see Holly change almost a selfishness comes over her about finding Jer. Then she does something she thinks she has to, a sacrifice, to save save everyone one from this drowning curse. This sacrifice takes something away from her, or put something in her, however way you want to look at it, taking her innocence or putting something dark. But even with this selfishness to find Jer she knows she need to make sure her friends/coven is safe. Of course there's a big battle of which Holly decides to really show some strength, I felt this battle for the most part then towards the end of it it kinda lost me but I still liked it. Wish Nicole its the exact opposite, no longer looking to steal the show. When this coven finds her and having to change where they are very few nights because of whatever this thing that seems to be following them. There's even a battle with them as well, and hopefully with out giving to much away Nicole gets captured by Eli Deveraux and the next ruler, as it were, of this Supreme Coven. She put her flirt on in hope that would create some kind of way to escape, or that Philippe would have time save her, but things don't quite pan out that way. We find out something happen however I'm not gonna tell, and I so want to find out if and when Philippe saves her.

   By the way I shared two cover with you cause the first one is the cover for the combined book, which is the only way I've seen it, like in stores or the library, I've always seen two combined books for the series its vol. 1 and 2 and then the final book. The second cover I saw on goodreads and I just like it so much I couldn't not share it with you.

 ~Hope you enjoyed~

Friday, February 14, 2014

Revisiting Harry Potter #1

   So as you may know I am rereading Harry Potter and if you don't know I have made a vow to not watch the movies till I read the book and I've decided to make a little feature where I tell you what I've forgotten about the books, what I wish made it into the movie and little things I knew about and/or found out. I'm also going to try and get the audio book to read along with from the library. I've also made a deadline for it of Harry's birthday, which is the end of July, by all means you can join me in this revisiting of Harry Potter. In the prosses of making a button, which I will get up soon I just didn't want to delay this any longer, which you can grab if you have a blog, and don't forget to leave me a link or just comment how your doing and what you forgot about the books, ext.

   So welcome to my first Revisiting of Harry Potter. So I had already read Sorcerer's Stone last year but didn't decide to have a post for them till after I read, listened to audio book, and watched the movie, so this is for it.

   Ok so right off the bat the first ten pages! Where did these pages come from I don't remember them at all it follows Vernon and about that frightful day that took poor Harry's parent's, man you would have thought I never read it, true enough this isn't in the movie and I quite like the opening to the movie better. Another thing, Petunia in the book is (pause for effect) blonde, wow, however I couldn't picture a better actress to portray her, Fiona Shaw is funny physically and has good timing and I think that's the type of character Petunia needed, though we don't see that much of her for the first Harry Potter, there's more for the rest of the books.

   As with any book to movie there's always going to be some things changed or taken out what matters is if the things taken out are minor little things or not entirely important and the things that are changed to have it look better or put in a better scene in a way to make it flow better is when it counts, as long as it doesn't change the story if it doesn't make it better then that's just wrong. I myself like most of and changes or rearranging they did for the movie, what I like most is that the people making the film, a.k.a director, screen play writer, and any other important person on the set went to J.K. Rowling and really had her involved in the process of everything, asked her if things could be changed or taken out, and that how it should be, a fresh new author being introduced into the film industry and being told 'hey you can put you foot down and say no that has to be like that or be in it' from the very start I think is the right thing to do, not just taking over and doing what they want to do to it and chopping it to hell *cough, City of Bones, cough* . Like we all know that Daniel Radcliffe has in fact blue eyes but Harry has green, well they wanted Daniel to wear contact but they irritated him, J.K. Rowling told them that as long as they got a woman who has the same eyes, well same color eyes anyway after all it'd be hard to find someone non related who actually has the SAME eyes, to play his mom its fine.

   There are a few things I forgot about and after rereading it I kinda wish it made it into the movie, for instance the sorting hat has a song in the book, that would of been nice to have in the movie only instead of having it a song have more or a speech. Did you know in the book its not Ron who gets detention with Harry, Hermione, and Malfoy but its Neville who does and I kinda like what is in the book about how they got caught and why better then what is in the movie however I understand why is was taken out, and why they choose to have Ron be in detention instead after all they wanted to have most of the focus on them three since the rest of the books focus a lot on them as the main characters.

   Ok, the audio book! I loved the guy who read it his voice was very soft and warming, I liked most of the voices he provided for the characters, I say most because I think I might be spoiled with how the actors in the movie say somethings and the voice they have, he says some things and I'm like no that's supposed to be said sarcastically, I did enjoy following along with it though. When there was some action he kinda raised his voice all excitedly, when there was sneaking around he lowered his voice just slightly though, well actually maybe more subtle is a better word.

   I have the 2 disc dvd of all the movies, all except Deathly Hallows, had I know way back when I got like the first 2 movies that they would do a deluxe edition or do a full box sex with all the movies I 'might' have waited, emphasis on the might, if I'm lucky I might be able to get Deathly Hallows on dvd by the time I'm ready to read that book, again. So with the second disc there are obviously special features. Well one of them is interviews I forgot all about that and must of only watch it back when I first got it, well I watched it this time. In it Chris Columbus, the director, said that he apparently heard that there was talk about taking the best scenes from the first 2 or 3 books and making one movie, what the heck, that would have royally screwed up the series, he even said that. So thank goodness somebody was thinking straight if they did that the movies wouldn't be as popular as they are. Also there were only 3 or 4 books written and out at the time what would they have done for the rest or them?!

   I really think that Harry Potter opened the book to movie era, yes there were books made into movies, even miniseries, before it but none of those were a SERIES of books or for kids to young adult, even adult likes them clearly, and now we've got most big hit book series a movie or becoming a movie. Though I think that is awsome, especially if it's done right, sometimes a book needs to just be a book you know.

Thursday, January 30, 2014

Two Households Both Alike....

   Thought I was gonna be talking about Romeo and Juliet hu? Well that's where your half right. First two books in the Wicked series Witch & Curse by Nancy Holder and Debbie ViguiĆ©. I got this book so long ago and always meant to pick it and read and just never did. This is a two book in one you can obviously just read Witch put it down and read Curse another time. Now its taking me a little longer to read both of them then I thought it would, and I hate leaving you guys with nothing, as I have been lately, so this is more a review for Witch: book one, and I'll have book 2 ready for review shortly at which for future reference I'll put a link in this post at the bottom.

Wicked: Witch & Curse (Wicked, #1-2)   First a quick summary, I would share with you the synopsis but I don't think that really gives an accurate one. When Holly Cather's life meets a tragedy killing her family and best friend, Holly has to go live with an aunt she never even knew she had and her family. Upon arriving at Seattle incidences continue to arise around her. Little does Holly know these accidents are in fact attacks sent to kill her, her aunt Marie-Claire, and twin cousins Amanda and Nicole, by a warlock Michael Devereaux, believing he could gain more power. Michael and his sons, Eli and Jeruard are of a long line of warlocks from centuries ago, while Holly, her aunt and cousins come from a long forgotten feuding family of witches the Cahor's. Unknowingly Holly and Jer are reincarnations of Isabeau and Jean from six hundred years ago and have visions and dreams of their lives.

   When you pick up a book written by two authors isn't it nice when you can't tell where one authors writing ends and the other begins. Well such is not the case here, I was able to tell one authors writing to the other don't know which one is which however, but you can tell its almost as if part it didn't get edited and sometimes it didn't flow at all. For instance the fist couple chapters of Witch one moment I'm reading about a rafting trip the next about some ritual and then some guy doing god knows what and back to the rafting (FYI if you ever want to go whitewater rafting I suggest you skip between page 10 through about 20 I think or you'll talk yourself out if and never do it.), I had to re read it to make any since and that barley helped, it didn't flow, it didn't go at all, there's characters you don't get why they're there or where they came from. Once I got past the second chapter it started to flow much nicer, and by nicer I mean it actually flowed.

   As far as the Romeo and Juliet aspect, I actually stumbled on a video with one of the authors saying that it was kind of a retelling of it if the families were witches and warlocks. Well after a while you do see similarities, you have a two rival families, the young love, though that is kinda on the fence. The school the girls go to is doing the play of which Nicole gets the lead part, and there's even a reference to the Leonardo DiCaprio version or Romeo and Juliet (which I'm not ashamed to say I have and its not the best I could write a whole review on whats wrong with it, but this isn't about that), but a retelling I don't know maybe its to early in the series cause the young love its kinda there and its kinda not.

   There is hardly any relationship between our supposedly 'love' interest. Holly and Jer meet, have a flash back of Isabeau and Jean, don't see or speak to each other for month's, and when they see each other for the second time they're all but two pieces of clothing from doing the dirty deed for no apparent reason, hello can you say 'jailbait', Holly is 17, Jer is in college, also why, they've saw each other one time for all of ten seconds. Apparently Jer sent things to help ward off the attacks and sent messages to Holly in her dreams but we get NONE of that we just get told this in one little sentence, they don't go into what these talks are about or anything. There's is more for Isabeau and Jean but not by much, they are married through the wishes of their parents each trying to gain one thing or another through it, and yet they do fall in love with each other but with Jean its like back and forth with him. There isn't a lot of character background for any of the characters, the twins couldn't be more different and Nicole often doesn't even acknowledge Amanda, first off being different from each other I can handle, but isn't there a special bond with twins, sometimes I felt like why write these two as twins when they couldn't care less about it, there's none of that twin bond there.

   I know I already mentioned the editing but I can't not mention this one part. Holly is in a Rite Aid store where she gets attacked by things flying off the shelves everything flying at her one of these things that are flying at her are knives, yes I said Knives, though it added to the danger of the situation, let me ask you when was the the last time you walked into a store, any store, and just saw KNIVES laying around on a shelf, not in a box or an impossible to open plastic case? Uhhh Hello! Stores don't do that, if they did they're in for a serious case of mass murder, they don't want some guy just walking in picking up a knife and start killing people, come on! So that kind of bugged me and after I read that part I was just sitting there for like five minutes thinking 'why the Hell would a store have knives like that' and why would a Rite Aid have knives. So its like that didn't get any edit at all.

   In lite of not having only negative to say about this, the story as a whole is actually rather good and it was somewhat enjoyable. Though I was able to tell one author from the other I like one of them, obviously I don't know who but I like whose ever writing it was far better than the writing that seemed it wasn't edited. I liked the flash backs to six hundred years ago though the first few times it transactions to it could of been better but then that transaction did get better, the author that wrote those flash backs is the one I like there was nice detail, and the dialog was nice for the time period it was in.

   I think I know why I never picked it up to read, though it didn't stop me from buying it, I think something was telling me I wouldn't like it that much. I hope you enjoyed this review. You can check out the review for Curse here.

Friday, January 10, 2014

Bout of Books 9.0 Day 5 Mini Challenge

Bout of Books

   There were two challenges today Book Spine Poetry hosted by The Book Spines and as much as I enjoyed doing this challenge last time I simply didnt have the time to go though my books and figure out a poem and it didn't seem right to use the same one I used for this challenge during the B.O.B. The other challenge today is Create a Stroy hosted by Never Too Fond of Books I thought this one seemed cool though.

What you do is
    1. Open your current book to the last page you read.
    2. Using the last word of every line, create a poem or story. You must use every word (but they do not have to be in order), and you may add punctuation as necessary. If a word is split between the end of the line and the beginning of the next one, you may choose whether or not to use it.
So let see if I can pull this one off it does seem simple enough. Ok here we go
Book I'm using is Wicked: Witch & Curse by Nancy Holder & Debbie Vigue
Words: her; and; bed; her; window; soft; cousins; her; here; eyes; blinked; sleepwalk; living; looking; seated; both; fire; black; Nicole; her; mother; crackling; the; her; gifts; they

Her mother blinked looking her eyes black, they both sleepwalk. Nicole and her cousins seated here her soft bed. The crackling fire window, her living gifts.

That's the best I was able to come up with my page didn't give much to work on sadly but there it is.

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Bout of Books 9.0 Day 2 Mini Challenge

Bout of Books
Sarah Says Read is hosting one of the challenges today Reading Tactics. She want us to answer this:
How do you fit in as much reading as possible during Bout of Books? How do you squeeze in those extra pages?
   For me luckily not very many of the shows I watch are back on TV yet, or the season(Sons of Anarchy, cries)/or series[Bye, Bye Nikita] has ended, so that helps with me not watching TV at night and instead I'm reading. If I watch anything this week it'll only be when I'm eating diner or something. Other than that I'm trying to read as much I can during the day but lately I'm finding it hard to get INTO the book I read so its still not as much reading as I would like since I'm reading slower.
   I did anything that needed to be done(laundry, cleaning, ext.) last week so that I wouldn't have to do it this week. Might of even overworked myself when I cleaned the living room too.
   I typically stay up late trying not to get into bed to early as lately I'm don't stay up for more than a half hour once I do laydown but I'm reading on my NEW tablet in bed. I'm hoping this read-a-thon will help kick start the year for me and get me reading a little faster again.
Thanks Sarah for asking this!
Don't forget to visit her and give her your answer too if your participating, the link is above.

Sunday, January 5, 2014

Bout of Books 9.0 Goals and Updates

Bout of Books

   Bout of Books is starting tomorrow you can still sign up here. This post is my goals during the R.A.T and this time I'm but my updates in one post.

I want to participate in at least 3 challenges.
Go to atleast 5 blogs and leave a comment and or follow them.
How many books I plan to read is only 2. I know that seems lows however one book is actually a combined book there is 2 books in it and theres a good 650 pages put together in it the other book I'm reading is an ebook I honestly don't know how many pages are in that cause I'm reading it with the kobo app and don't like how that shows the progress it only shows how many pages are in the chapter your reading. But according to goodreads theres it has 400 pages.
So the books I'm reading are:
Wicked: Witch & Curse (Wicked, #1-2)Fire Burns

Both these book can count toward my TBR Challenge too.

Due to an unforeseen thing I ended up having to take care yesterday I didn't do much reading during the day as after I took care of it I ended up sleeping what felt like half the day much of my reading I did last night.
Pages Read:
Wicked: 50 pages, it isn't starting out that great hopefully it picks up though
Fire Burns: only started it and got 3 chapters in I think that's roughly about 40 pages.

I didn't do either challenge yesterday or go to any blogs unfortunately but I plan to make up for that today. I'm already off to a good start as I am cuddled on the couch with my coffee, book and Snuggie, enjoying one of the only cold days of the year south Florida ever sees, its 50 right now outside, I'm not like most Floridian's who say its freezing when its 60 out but I say its pretty cold at 50. Complete with my cat in my lap to stay warm.

I ended up reread a chapter in Wicked cause I felt a little lost it seemed like it went everywhere, its also the only book I read. I did the Reading Tactics mini challenge yesterday, and visited some blogs you'll notice them listed below.
Pages Read:
Wicked including the pages I reread, I read 60 pages.

Wednesday &Thursday:
Sorry I didn't make an update yesterday I felt like I finally made some progress in Wicked. I did visit a couple more pages also. And didn't do any challenges Wed. or Thursday.
Pages Read:
Wicked with both days I am at page 200 in the book
Oddly enough I haven't read Fire Burns since Monday.

Was a little busy yesterday and didn't get much reading done but I did get some done, visited a few more blogs and did the Create A Story Challenge yesterday, don't think its any good though, but it was fun, that makes two of the three challenges I wanted to do.
I really thought I could use this read-a-thon to get me to read an ebook at night, however my sleep patterns have been all wacky this week, don't know why, and part the reason I'm not reading as much as I wanted. When this R.A.T is over I plan to do something about that.
Pages Read:
Wicked: 50 bring me up to 250 in that.

Saturday & Sunday:
Wow is the read-a-thon really already over! I almost forgot to wrap up everything, so I know this is a bit late. I had a lot of fun again visiting the different blogs and doing the challenges I did. I didn't make my reading goal of the two books but I did finish books one in Wicked as I said in my goals that book is a two book combined book and I finished the first one. I did 2 challenges I was hoping to get 3 but I like the two I did.
The total pages I read for Wicked: Witch & Curse is 361 completing Witch
The only reading I got with Fire Burn was only on Monday

Blogs visited:
Bestsellers or Bust
Life is Reading
Moonlight Reader
4 A Happier Me

If your joining this R.A.T what are your goals. I look forward to see you there.~

Thursday, January 2, 2014

Kindle Limited Freebies


Hey so I may have accidentally fond about another dozen free eBooks guys, ok I'm not that sorry about though. These eBooks though I think are only free for a limited time maybe not all of the but one I know for a fact is not free all the time and another I'm not sure on.  However if any of these titles are free always I will add them to my free eBook page, of which I'm still working on and will have up shortly.

As I said I know for a fact that one is not going to be free all the time so if you've been like me and don't know if you want it or not it might not be for you but unsure well you might as well get NOW! What is it...
Hopeless (Hopeless, #1)
I heard some good things about this one but a lot of comparing to Beautiful Disaster and though I love Beautiful I don't want something that is soo much like it however since its free, for now, thought go ahead and get it just maybe not read it anytime soon.
The rest of these some I know are free all the time some I really don't know if its just for a little while
Sweet Masterpiece (A Samantha Sweet Mystery #1)   Drowning Mermaids (Sacred Breath, #1)   Water (Akasha, #1)   Witch Song (Witch Song, #1) Finding Cinderella (Hopeless, #2.5)   Broken (Reflections #1)   Awaking   Marked (Eternal Guardians, #1)Everblade  The Watchers (The Watchers, #1)  Medusa (Heroines of Classical Greece #1)  Silence (Silence, #1)  Broken Silence (Silence, #2)

I think its safe to say I'm getting quite a library of free ebooks, lol. It might already be time for an intervention.

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

New Year, New Resolutions

 It 2014!!!!
   And you know what that means its time for new years resolutions, that let's face it more often than not people drop it by the time summer comes around, new goals to meet, a chance to look at everything in a fresh way and give it a new start.

   This last year I made a few goals I wanted to meet. The obvious one lose weight, and I was too, I lost some weight though not as much as I hoped and gained back a little sadly right around when the dog wanted to start waking me up barking at God knows what time in the morning, I do NOT like being woke up with something annoying like this dogs barking, and it echoes!!!! So that being said I've been waking up in no mood to workout.
   I also wanted to make a change in life and that though it happened later in the year I met with starting this blog. Though starting this isn't quite the change I was thinking of it still is a change, its something that I will have to keep actively involved on and I know I started out strong and the last couple months have been dull but I'm hoping that was just a floozy, mixed with a little readers slump. I am so glad that I started this its giving me a purpose and putting my option out there, weather anyone read it is just a plus. So making a change in my life, step one met!

   Now for this years!!!

   Well the obvious one again, lose weight, lol. One of the first few things I'm going to do is cut my hair, Yikes!, just kidding about the yikes, but I am cutting my hair and I plan to cut it short, shorter than I've had it in a very, very long time, I'm not going Britney Spears, but it needs to get cut, drastically. I'm trying to get some body back in my hair, I tried a couple things even cut it, though not short, and now I think that my last thing to do is to just chop it, donate it of course something I always do when I cut off more then a few inches, find a good shampoo and hope for the best, its also a good way to start fresh with a new look, maybe it can be counted as step two to making a change in my life. New look can bring a new attitude which brings a fresh look on things.

  I have a few others but this is a BOOK blog so how bout I tell you my blog and reading goals now.

   This year I'm participating in the TBR Challenge, and looking for others to join, I'm sure there's tons out there. I'm going to start doing some blog book tours, though not too many want to start out slow and get the hang of them so be on the look for those.
   I don't want to just be reading eBooks now that I have my NEW tablet, I actually like holding a book and turning the page, so far I've only found one app that looks like I'm turning the page but I don't like other factors of it is the thing, anyway, also I have some books I've recently got and have had for a while that I should get to, soo and this may not happen that soon as I am so enjoying my NEW tablet (by the way I'm sorry for keep on calling it my New tablet I'm just so happy I have one I promise it'll stop, at some point, lol) but I'm thinking I could read a book during the day and an eBook at night, reading an eBook at night I don't need a light on and so I wont fall asleep with my it on, lol, now I know I'm not the only one out there who reads in bed and falls asleep with their lamp/flashlight/book lights/whatever on all night.

   Most everyone does a book haul of some kind, however I want to start going to the library again, actively this year. I may get a physical book or get a ebook from the library, depends on if I find the books I actually want at the library. But I'm going to start a little feature for my Library Hauls. I'm not sure yet if I'm going to go once a month or every two weeks, guess it really depends on how many books I get, I will make it a consecutive day though so its not all over the place I'm thinking Mondays its the start of the week after all. One of the first few books I want to find is The Host, the movie is on Netflix and I kinda want to see it, but I wont till I read it.

   There's one more thing that I want to do this year as I'm sure everyone knows last July there was a lot along the lines of Harry Potter! What with the new special book cover, the anniversary, and of course his birthday. I even fond out somethings I did not know. I also realized I have not read the books in ages, I mean AGES, so I kind of made myself a little vow that I would read the books. I read the first one already. However I want to make that little vow more official by proclaiming it on here. I am vowing not to watch the movies till I finish the book! This is already being hard to do as I miss the movies! But do it I shall. What would really be perfect is if I can find the audio books at the library so I could read along with that, as from what I've heard the guy who read them did an amazing job with all the voices and everything. In fact I did listen to the audio book of the first one while I read along with it and loved it! I hope I can find it for all of them. So I'm thinking this vow needs something....I know, when I'm done with the book and I watch the movie how about I make a post and tell you something I didn't know, or forgot about, and things I learned about recently, how does this all sound! I'm sure this might be a challenge somewhere, as the books being so popular and that there are so many, I'm positive I'm not the first one to make a challenge or a vow like this and I'm sure I'm not going to be the last, but I'm doing it like this, if you want to join me do feel free!! There's just one more thing I think its missing, a goal date, anyone have any clue as to when that should be........hmmmmm
   I think I know the perfect does Harry's birthday sound to everyone!!!!! And when I'm done I am sooooo having a Harry Potter movie-thon, lol. This is also perfect timing because Universal is adding to the Harry Potter world!! I wish I could go when they open it I want to take a ride on the Hogwarts Express.

   Oh guess what else, something I think is a great way that'll kick start the year and get my TBR Challenge to a good start.....It's the Bout of Books R.A.T 9.0!!!!!!! I participated in the last one they had and had so much fun, sooo I am signing up for this one now the first one of they year!! They have little mini challenges that you can do and a grand prize if you want to participate.  It starts on the 6th look for my goals post in the next few days! Hope to see you there!

Here is their little blurb about it:
Bout of Books
The Bout of Books read-a-thon is organized by Amanda @ On a Book Bender and Kelly @ Reading the Paranormal. It is a week long read-a-thon that begins 12:01am Monday, January 6th and runs through Sunday, January 12th in whatever time zone you are in. Bout of Books is low-pressure, and the only reading competition is between you and your usual number of books read in a week. There are challenges, giveaways, and a grand prize, but all of these are completely optional. For all Bout of Books 9.0 information and updates, be sure to visit the Bout of Books blog. - From the Bout of Books team

What are your resolutions for this year? Making any reading goals? Are you going to be joining any challenges or read-a-thons I would love to hear about them!~

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