I wanted to do a section to kind of tell you a little about me and about what I'll be blogging about. So first off I enjoy reading, clearly, always have, I had a few years where I didn't read very much but over the past year or so I've been more active again and loving catching up on the books I've missed. And I think anyone who didn't grow up reading Harry Potter I feel real sorry for you cause that's the only way I made through middle school and ninth grade, as well as a few other things that life was putting me though, now yes I heard about the first movie before I heard about the books but once I heard about them I was always ahead of the movie. I like all kinds of books ya, adult, fantasy, adventure, romance, even erotic(and yes I have read fifty shades and thinks it needs to come with a warning on it that if you do not have a boyfriend, husband or a B.O.B-if you don't know what that is then your not old enough to read those books- you need to get one), sometimes mystery but it has to have one of the others with it.
  I'll be doing reviews on some older books as well as any newer books I can get my hands on. My problem is I, more often then not, find a book and its in the middle of a darn series, and I don't know about anyone else but I CAN NOT get a book that in a series if its not the first one and thats how I get into trouble and I'm like "just once in a while would you please let me find a stand alone book." Also when I buy books I can sometimes go overboard and so I don't get to a lot of them for a long while, or I get to the library and found books there. Trust me when I say I could, and have, spent all day in either a book store or a library, though when I'm in a book store often times its to make note of whats out and I'll get it when I can list, which is always growing lol. So that how I fall behind on the latest books out there sometimes/oftentimes.
  I also do a little writing myself though I have yet finished a story when I was younger I wrote a lot poems and I still do a few now and then.
 So feel free to make recommendations and suggestions and whenever you want to talk about a book.

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