Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Whats in a Blog Tour

   Hey readers, so I do believe I've mentioned it before, that I want to join one of the blog tour sites. I only want to start out with ONE for now I don't want to get overwhelmed with saying I'll do so many. So I think that starting with one and seeing how I like doing them for a while is a great start. I think it will also be a great way to start the new year.

   I know a lot of blogs do a lot of different ones and in fact going to the blogs I follow even some that I don't I've seen soo many different ones, I've noticed some are more popular. In my search I've also noticed that some do more of one genre and limited of others. I would rather not just do one genre as I don't just read one genre and I'm sure you don't read just one genre either. So how about I make this into a vote. As you my readers will be the one who will read the post you tell me which tour site you want me to join, I know I don't have a lot of followers yet and I'm probably going to get different answers so give me your top 2 choices if you only see 1 that's fine (I'm just trying to insure that there will be a majority of one of them) and the one that I see the most votes is the one I'll be a tour host for. You can message from my contact page or leave a comment. I'll tell you which one it is in my New Year post. How does that sound? Also if you know how any of these run let me know what you think about it.

   So the tour site I've fond, and I found a lot, so I have limited them down.

RockStar Book Tours   This one looks like it does different genres in ya.

Book Nerd Tours
This looks to do a lot of romance with few of other genres.

Xpresso Book Tours
This one looks like it has the most verity of genres and cover revels, tours and blitz.


YA Bound Book Tours
This looks to have mainly New Adult books but it does have other genres as well.

 So I thought I knew of more now I cant think of them or find them but you know what I guess 4 choices is enough.

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