Monday, December 23, 2013

I've got my tablet ♥

   Hey readers, sorry for such an empty November and December guys, been dealing with Thanksgiving and now Christmas and my cat was acting off recently, and got a little worried about her, she got better though, and sorry you guys my baby comes first. I hope that with the challenge I joined and others I hope to find and with features I want to start doing also I'm going to join a book tour site as I mentioned before still waiting for some votes on that you can see the choices here, that I'll keep better track and have something new for you all the time.

   Well as I'm sure you can tell by title I gave this post I finally got a tablet! And let me tell you I am LOVING IT!!! Though the app for blogger I do not like, I tried using it twice now and both times it didn't work out me, lol. I got a couple games, one of which I was addicted to for like 3 days straight before I got bored of it. I have also gotten a bunch of free ebooks, which I will list them at the end, and read a couple already, I already posted a review for one, I still need to write the review for the other. I'm having a hard time finding a carry case for it that I like, everywhere has cases yes but not one that you can carry it around in you know with a strap, after so long of looking at the different ones they all started looking the same. Which one did I get you ask? I spent a little more than I intended to but that little bit more got me a 16 GB instead of only 8 so I have plenty of room for TONS of books, haha. I got  the Dell Venue 8, little bit bigger than I was thinking of getting but a bigger screen is a bigger screen also as I said it has 16 GB.

   I already have a couple ereader apps I'm liking one called Aldiko, but those of you who have tablet/ereaders what's a good app to get, there's so many?
Now that I have a tablet I'm going to sign up for netgalley and get some arc books, however there's another one that I remember looking at a while a go but cant remember what its called. So if any of you know another let me know, thanks.

So list of books I got, these are all free. Pretty sure I've seen a weekly feature that lists free books of which I'll start doing, and I'll make a page that has them listed which I'll update frequently.
Sadly I've noticed that most the free ones are the first one in a series but doesn't offer the next one for free which is a little bit of a bummer but hey you win some you lose some.

You can find all of them on my goodreads shelf under free ebook.

YA first: most of these have romance too, don't know what's up with that everyone is writing romance now I guess, not that I'm complaining

Earth: Elemental #1 by Shauna Granger

Ever Shade: A Dark Farie Tale #1 by Alexia Purdy

Glimpse: Zellie Wells #1 by Stacey Wallace Benefiel

The Mind Readers: Mind Readers #1 by Lori Brighton

Prince of Wolves: The Grey Wolves #1 by Quinn Loftis

Five: Elemental Enmity #1 by Christie Rich

Turned: The Vampire Journals #1 by Morgan Rice- please note make sure that if you download this that you get the whole book not just the first 20pgs or so.

Unenchanted: An Unfortunate Fairy Tale by Chanda Hana

Mortal Obligation: Dark Betrayal Trilogy #1 by

Glamour: Rae Wilder #1 by

Seasons of the Moon Series, Books 1-4 by

Fire Burns by

Pulse: Pulse #1 by


Forever His by Shelly Thacker

A Hidden Fire: Elemental Mysteries #1 by Elizabeth Hunter

A Question of Will: The Aliomenti Saga #1 by Alex Albrinck

The Bride and the Brute by

Chasing Beautiful: Chasing #1 by

Forbidden Forest: Legends of Regia #1 by

His Wicked Games: His Wicked Games #1 by

The Descent Series: Vol.1 (Descent #1-3) by

Parched: Parched #1 by
The Seventh Sister: Parched #2 by

The Druid Series, Volumes 1-3: Reapers, Bled & Harvest by

New Adult:

Awakened: Vampire Awakenings #1 by Brenda K. Davies- I'm really not sure if this one is YA or Adult so to be on the safe side I put it in New Adult

Blackwater: Blackwater Witches #1 by

Bound by Prophecy: Descendants #1 by

Lichgates: The Grimoire Saga #1 by

Cornerstone: Souls of the Stones #1 by

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