Thursday, November 28, 2013

Happy Thanksgiving

   Hey everyone just wanted to make a quick post to say Happy Thanksgiving. I also wanted to say I hope not you or any in your family have to work today, as I think that just sucks that fact that stores are now open on a day that your supposed to be with family and friends. I feel bad for where the future is going truthfully, what's it going to be like when we have kids and their our age will they even have the day off from school in 20 more years? Not to mention the stores completely skip over both Halloween and Thanksgiving and go right to Christmas that started maybe 4 or 5 years ago I think and it sickens me every year even more at least the malls still wait till Thanksgiving, or close to it, to have Santa there(I remember when I was younger he wasn't in the malls till AFTER Thanksgiving) I'm dreading the day that they change that and he's there at or right after Halloween. Black Friday also used to be JUST FRIDAY not this whole week BS.
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I turning this into a rant I know so I'll stop ranting now.
   Does anyone do Black "Friday" shopping, which is turning into Thursday night shopping. I miss having to wait for a store to open very early in the morning I'm not talking 6am I mean 3am through 5am even, now they either are opening Thursday night at whatever time or 6am, how special is a 6am opening to a lot of places that a regular store hours. Then again some places are still doing a midnight opening, guess that still nice. Crap I'm ranting again, sorry!
   So Target has some books on sale a great time to stock up I don't think is all the books though so I hope if you go you can get the books you've been wanting if they have it on sale. A few places have e-readers and tablets on sale, as they always do now since they started being so popular. I'm thinking about getting one, don't know if I can just yet I need to mull it over and think which one I want and if I can spend the money on it, any advice? Oh and if you get e-mails from Barnes&Noble you probably got one saying about what they are doing, they have select books 50% off  how great, and some other deals to, so you might want to check out their website see if its anything is worth it to you.
    Oh and I fond out recently that its Chanukah, wow is it early this year. So for those who are Jewish and celebrate it:

Happy Chanukah!

   And Everyone have fun, be safe, if your old enough try not to drink to much, lol. And try not to eat to much.
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I tried to find some better graphics to make this post more special but I must of been searching under the wrong thing cause all I fond was that.

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