Sunday, January 5, 2014

Bout of Books 9.0 Goals and Updates

Bout of Books

   Bout of Books is starting tomorrow you can still sign up here. This post is my goals during the R.A.T and this time I'm but my updates in one post.

I want to participate in at least 3 challenges.
Go to atleast 5 blogs and leave a comment and or follow them.
How many books I plan to read is only 2. I know that seems lows however one book is actually a combined book there is 2 books in it and theres a good 650 pages put together in it the other book I'm reading is an ebook I honestly don't know how many pages are in that cause I'm reading it with the kobo app and don't like how that shows the progress it only shows how many pages are in the chapter your reading. But according to goodreads theres it has 400 pages.
So the books I'm reading are:
Wicked: Witch & Curse (Wicked, #1-2)Fire Burns

Both these book can count toward my TBR Challenge too.

Due to an unforeseen thing I ended up having to take care yesterday I didn't do much reading during the day as after I took care of it I ended up sleeping what felt like half the day much of my reading I did last night.
Pages Read:
Wicked: 50 pages, it isn't starting out that great hopefully it picks up though
Fire Burns: only started it and got 3 chapters in I think that's roughly about 40 pages.

I didn't do either challenge yesterday or go to any blogs unfortunately but I plan to make up for that today. I'm already off to a good start as I am cuddled on the couch with my coffee, book and Snuggie, enjoying one of the only cold days of the year south Florida ever sees, its 50 right now outside, I'm not like most Floridian's who say its freezing when its 60 out but I say its pretty cold at 50. Complete with my cat in my lap to stay warm.

I ended up reread a chapter in Wicked cause I felt a little lost it seemed like it went everywhere, its also the only book I read. I did the Reading Tactics mini challenge yesterday, and visited some blogs you'll notice them listed below.
Pages Read:
Wicked including the pages I reread, I read 60 pages.

Wednesday &Thursday:
Sorry I didn't make an update yesterday I felt like I finally made some progress in Wicked. I did visit a couple more pages also. And didn't do any challenges Wed. or Thursday.
Pages Read:
Wicked with both days I am at page 200 in the book
Oddly enough I haven't read Fire Burns since Monday.

Was a little busy yesterday and didn't get much reading done but I did get some done, visited a few more blogs and did the Create A Story Challenge yesterday, don't think its any good though, but it was fun, that makes two of the three challenges I wanted to do.
I really thought I could use this read-a-thon to get me to read an ebook at night, however my sleep patterns have been all wacky this week, don't know why, and part the reason I'm not reading as much as I wanted. When this R.A.T is over I plan to do something about that.
Pages Read:
Wicked: 50 bring me up to 250 in that.

Saturday & Sunday:
Wow is the read-a-thon really already over! I almost forgot to wrap up everything, so I know this is a bit late. I had a lot of fun again visiting the different blogs and doing the challenges I did. I didn't make my reading goal of the two books but I did finish books one in Wicked as I said in my goals that book is a two book combined book and I finished the first one. I did 2 challenges I was hoping to get 3 but I like the two I did.
The total pages I read for Wicked: Witch & Curse is 361 completing Witch
The only reading I got with Fire Burn was only on Monday

Blogs visited:
Bestsellers or Bust
Life is Reading
Moonlight Reader
4 A Happier Me

If your joining this R.A.T what are your goals. I look forward to see you there.~

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