Thursday, January 2, 2014

Kindle Limited Freebies


Hey so I may have accidentally fond about another dozen free eBooks guys, ok I'm not that sorry about though. These eBooks though I think are only free for a limited time maybe not all of the but one I know for a fact is not free all the time and another I'm not sure on.  However if any of these titles are free always I will add them to my free eBook page, of which I'm still working on and will have up shortly.

As I said I know for a fact that one is not going to be free all the time so if you've been like me and don't know if you want it or not it might not be for you but unsure well you might as well get NOW! What is it...
Hopeless (Hopeless, #1)
I heard some good things about this one but a lot of comparing to Beautiful Disaster and though I love Beautiful I don't want something that is soo much like it however since its free, for now, thought go ahead and get it just maybe not read it anytime soon.
The rest of these some I know are free all the time some I really don't know if its just for a little while
Sweet Masterpiece (A Samantha Sweet Mystery #1)   Drowning Mermaids (Sacred Breath, #1)   Water (Akasha, #1)   Witch Song (Witch Song, #1) Finding Cinderella (Hopeless, #2.5)   Broken (Reflections #1)   Awaking   Marked (Eternal Guardians, #1)Everblade  The Watchers (The Watchers, #1)  Medusa (Heroines of Classical Greece #1)  Silence (Silence, #1)  Broken Silence (Silence, #2)

I think its safe to say I'm getting quite a library of free ebooks, lol. It might already be time for an intervention.

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