Wednesday, September 25, 2013

A Werewolfs Bonding, Deception from Within

   I was informed about a series from a page I follow on facebook called Law of the Lycans by Nicky Charles, paranormal romance, free e-book series you can download it on goodreads, smashwords, feedbooks, I think B&N and Amazon also might have them though I'm not 100% sure. I liked that they are, or at least so far as I'm only on book 2 of the series, an actual length of a book not those 20 -50 pagers that is like one or two scenes and then you have to pay for the next one which will only take you five minutes to read, not that I have anything against those its just I with I could read the whole story. More often then not I find the five minute reads so it refreshing when I find a 300+ book for free online, wish I know the secret to find the long ones more often. I read the first book in one day, I don't know if its like this with any of you but the few books I've read online I think I read them faster than a actual book, unfortunately I don't have an e-reader/tablet, yet, so I read e-books on my laptop.

The Mating (Law of the Lycans, #1)   The Mating is the first in the series, it focuses on Elise the youngest daughter of the Alpha in the eastern territory and Kane, new Alpha of a werewolf pack, after the death of the former Alpha. If the very title isn't enough to tell you they've been mated, i.e. arranged marriage. There are a few things about it that could be better, like the setting, she doesn't really say where this story takes place and some things could of been described better, I didn't feel like I was there the way I like. But I did like it, how could I not when I read it in a day.
   Elise is young still only 19, she also is in love with Bryan, a pack member and friend she grew up with. But she suddenly is forced to be bonded with Kane and move. Without a care in the world and to suddenly be married to someone you never even meet before and move she handles herself well, nervous about everything, but well, though she's also sometimes ignorant. Kane as new Alpha has responsibilities to fulfill and so a lot of his time goes to that. Luckily most everyone is nice and friendly and welcoming, of course being the Alpha's mate your guaranteed some respect, however she by no means abuses or enforces that respect, and makes quick friends. The pack is like a family as is any wolf pack. Helen is like the mom she's the former Alpha's mate and she even puts it straight to Kane several times in fact that he needs to spend time with his mate, and she almost the only person who dares to say what may or may not be liked by the Alpha, Kane. You also have the Beta and his mate whose expecting their first and Julia and her mate. You also have the snobby thinks she's better than everyone B, Marla.

It was strange, but even after such a short time together, she found herself inexplicably comfortable with the idea of belonging to him.

   They fall into a dating like pattern quickly and even more quickly seem to form a bond with each other that at first Elise thought was only a physical one, but soon sees him and herself open up with each other. Faced with the normal challenges of being a new Alpha, Kane is also faced with what seems like a string of bad luck for the pack but is really intentional attacks on the pack supposedly by former pack member and co-beta Ryne. With the different pieces coming together slowly for Elise she starts to see a pattern emerge pointing to Marla involved, and by creating a fight between Kane and Elise after Elise sees Bryan, as a friend since they both realized that what they had was more like a brother/sister bond after she left.

   I like the writing it was sort of old fashioned she used "seed" instead of, well you know, and other things that you just don't see in writing these days, I think that added to the effect that the packs are still a little old fashioned about some things. The way it flowed was consistent. The sex scenes I thought could be better there was really only one and two that got me hot, lol. I want to tell you so much more about it but feel I'll give to much away and spoil it which I don't want to do. Some much happens that leads to a big chase and battle. It'll get your heart pumping, at least it got mine going anyway.

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