Friday, September 27, 2013

A Secret that need to be kept

   The second in Law of the Lycans series is The Keeping, as far as the describing of everything goes its much better. You actually get a location this time. This one focuses on Melody(Mel) and Ryne, we met Ryne in The Mating as Kane's older half brother. After the whole misleading evidence that pointed to Ryne being the cause for the attacks on the pack is taken care of in the big battle in The Mating, he is starting his own pack with Bryan, now his beta, and Daniel in a small town Stump River, Ontario, Canada. Mel, human, is struggling to make ends meet journalism student when she get hired to research and interview photographer Ryne Taylor.
   The beginning drags a little bit I think, we learn who hired Mel is the person who bought a photo of a wolf, i.e. photo of Kane that was mentioned in The Mating, Mr. Grayson but reasons get twisted since she only has contact with his lawyer whose rather a scumbag Mr. Aldrich. Melody is first in Oregon where she knows is where the photo was sold, but it takes some sneaking around to find out where Ryne is because no one is talking about him. Kane and Elise are only briefly in this one which I felt a tad disappointed about. With Mel asking questions about Ryne and this photo it has Kane and Ryne worried about the pack cause they have a law that they need to uphold if the existence becomes known.

   With Melody in town now she quickly makes friends with everyone in this small town, the couple who own and run the local paper, the couple who owns the small diner, and the waitress works at the diner and the bar, its your typical nice small town, as trying to get an interview with Ryne is harder than she thought it would be. He is constantly playing around her and dragging it out hoping to get the reason but also because his wolf keeps urging to be with her. With each passing day they both feel a connection Ryne feel drawn to her and Mel cant seem to not be attracted to him. With Ryne bringing her close until logic reminds him about their impending threat and pushes her away.
   With one last fall out that angers, frightens, and upsets Mel she goes back home to Chicago and that's where some action starts to happen, Aldrich kidnaps Mel, we learn why Grayson was looking for Ryne, of course Ryne is there to save the day, so don't fear.

   I really like Melody every time Ryne has something to say, when he's being sarcastic that is, she has a come back. However throughout the book you get the since that there's something about her. Something a little surprising happens and also someone I liked in the story dies, not Melody but still someone I liked. Oh and at the very end you find out someone who is working for Aldrich, I wont spoil who but youd be surprised.

   Cant wait to see where the next one goes I've already started it and its 3 years later.

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