Sunday, September 15, 2013

Cover Love Sunday

Cover Love Sunday is a weekly feature hosted at The Quiet Girl Talks, where you choose your 3 favorite covers for each weekly theme. Anybody can do it, just check the Features page for themes ahead of time! :) 

This week's theme is...
   So I found this meme and thought I could find covers I like every week that hopefully fit the theme. To fit with this weeks theme EYES I have for you maybe one of the most well known pair of eyes know in the world that are on the on the cover of this first book.
The Da Vinci Code (Robert Langdon, #2)   Though she is more known for her smile those eyes speak a lot. It is only fitting that this book should feature one of the most known paintings of all time painted of course by Da Vinci. I love that it kinda adds the effect that the painting is, for lack of a better word, deteriorating, but its got all these symbols and numbers, which just adds to what its about. The back ground is red and if you look closely you can see writing.
The Stone Light (Dark Reflections, #2)   It never said it had to be human eyes. This trilogy, The Dark Reflections Trilogy, has such nice covers and they coincide with each other they not only have the similarity, they each feature a half of a face that ties into both the title and the story. The cover for book two is my personal favorite. Its a lion on the cover and a black lion at that, how cool and the color of his eyes strikes you. I happen to be a leo, and I love big cats and of course lions are one of the top ones. ;) It goes along with the story perfectly as you may notice that is a wing a little behind the mane as this isn't just some ordinary lion its a Flying STONE lion, which is a character in the books. It got a perfect title that matches the cover and the story.

Witch (Doppelganger, #2)   Though its almost the same cover as Warrior I like the cover for Witch better. Her eyes just look confident and fierce, only added with the flame red hair. I have yet to get Witch but I have read Warrior. Just by the covers alone you know the main character is a strong woman.

What are the covers you would pick? Feel free to leave a comment or even check out the host's page.

Hope you enjoyed~

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