Friday, October 4, 2013

A Past Catching Up

The Finding (Law of the Lycans, #3)
   This one is by far the best of the first three Law of the Lycan series. However that being said theres some things that just didn't make since and people coming out of nowhere. The Finding is three years after The Keeping and you really need to read that before you read this one, then again is goes over some things that happened that you can get the jest of it but still, and if you don't want some spoilers about The Keeping I suggest you read it then read this review.

   Finally Bryan has a love granted it was pointed out in The Mating that what he felt for Elise was more a familiarity love because they grew up together but still they both cared for each other very much and now Elise is in love with Kane while he gets what, loses he friend, ok maybe not loses her but they go separate ways end up not seeing each other for 3 years, but becomes a Beta in Canada, and sort of becomes a ladies man too. But I felt he needed to something else other than being a Beta, so I'm real happy that he now has a love, however it doesn't come overnight.

   We met Cassandra Grayson at the end of The Keeping where we, and she as well, learned that she's a werewolf but knows nothing about them because she was raised by Grayson as her Uncle who hid the fact and kept her VERY sheltered. When she sees Grayson shot and Aldrich attacked by a werewolf she runs scared for her life. She somehow found herself in Vegas.
   So that's where we find her living with Kellen whose now her friend after he found her in an alley and gave her a place to stay. For a sheltered rich girl she's adjusted very well she has a job, pays bills, does her own laundry. Cassie's relationship with Kellen I didn't really like their friends yes but also its like she's stringing him along, she loves him but not 'that way' yet it is 'that way'. She even sleeps with him ONCE, granted when she did it was like she wasn't in control of herself, but you cant expect me to believe that a guy can continue to live with a girl, and they both like each other, love even, after having sex for the first time and then not ever again, get real. They continue to be kind of a couple only not a couple. Kellen isn't perfect he has a gambling problem which causes arguments and financial problems between them. On the full moon she drugs herself to keep her wolf at bay afraid of what she is believing she's some kind of monster because she's only been taking one thing into account from what she saw and heard three years ago, just the attack, not the rest of what she saw and heard.

   Bryan has been searching for Cassie off and on for the past three years not seeming to get her out of his mind. When he finally has a break about where she is he in Vegas he goes right away. When he finds her the way he talks to his wolf is so funny. However he's not the only one looking for her Kellen has got into some trouble from his gambling and owes a lot of money to a money launderer Eddie Perini whom it is repeatedly said that he has no business running Dollar Niche and coincidentally is owned by one Leon Aldrich. When Kellen finds a flier that says Cassie is an heiress things heat up, well they heat up more. Unlike the two before where there were minor things that lead to the big face off at the end this one has action throughout the whole thing it still leads to a big face off of course.
   You see more of Kane and Elise and Ryne and Melody in this which I'm so glad about as The Keeping didn't have a lot of Kane and Elise. You didn't see much or the way Ryne and Kane are together as brothers yet and this one you do, they are so funny together joking each other but when it comes to their packs they are all business. Due to the size of the pack Kane is very busy and so that's putting a little rough patch with Elise, but they make it through.

   Theres a lot of internal struggle with Cassie and her wolf, she been afraid of it for so long and then when Bryan shows up, with the fact that her wolf likes him, theres a lot of mixed feelings. You also have Marla, who is working for Aldrich, with an internal struggle of her own with her wolf, she hates her wolf and her just want to accept her. I like to think there an under line message with both of them of finding yourself accepting who are, who you were born as, at least that's what I got wither anyone else would see that who knows.

   They all end up in Chicago when the muscle of Dollar Niche takes Kellen there to lure Cassie so that Aldrich can have her lock up. With Cassie going back with Bryan she opens herself up to being what she is and following her wolfs instincts better she still weary of the other wolfs but no longer as afraid of them since Bryan explained what had happen. Obviously the big take down happens, Marla's wolf takes control and redeems her.
   The last chapters has with everything going on with the battle and the aftermath  there are so many emotions passion, strength, sadness, its all there, I might of even a tear or two. This wouldn't be a romantic is Bryan and Cassie didn't end up together which they did. Theres so much more I could say about this but then I would be telling you everything. There so spots where I was like ok lets get through this and a lot of repeating about things at the start but overall I really enjoyed it. It seems Nicky Charles has improved on her writing not saying that the past two books were bad they weren't but this one has a lot more spark that I didn't feel with the other two.

   Sorry I didn't share any quotes with you I wanted to but I don't remember where ones I liked were and I really want to get to the next book. Its hard to find quotes when reading an e-book guess I need to learn to use the highlight or sticky note next time and when I find something like mark it that way other wise I'll be strolling through it forever, lol.
Well I hope you enjoyed its definitely worth a read especially being the whole series is free.

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