Tuesday, October 22, 2013


    Hey every one well as you can judge by the title of this post I won something!!!!!! I never win anything!

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   What did I win you ask? Well I'll tell you, I won 3 that's right 3 books. I won the complete Krinar Chronicles. Which you can check them out:
Close Liaisons
Close Obsession
Close Remembrance

   Entered the giveaway from fellow bloggers blog Chicklit vs. Fantasy whose it just so happens to have been her first giveaway pretty sure the giveaway was on other blogs as well but I entered through her books provided by the author Anna Zaires and collaborated with her husband also an author Dima Zales. So to all of them THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!
   Honestly I entered it on a whim went to that blog during the read-a-thon saw that thought they seemed interesting and entered it was along with a cover reveal.

   I don't know if I'm more excited about the books or the fact that I won them. There might of been a little...
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followed by a very brief
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   When I was told that the books weren't available in paperback only e-book. Note to self if I can get an e-reader/tablet on black Friday do so, though thats not gonna stop me from wanting physical books. But as I said it was brief as I soon went back to feeling....

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   Hey, I'm allowed to be excited I've never won anything.
   Among other things as I'm sure most of you know today was the release of Teardrop by Lauren Kate well it just so happens the she was at a Barnes&Noble near me sadly though I didn't have a ride and so didn't go :'( would been my first author signing. I wasn't even sure if I wanted to get the book now or wait till their all out though if I had went, which I wanted to, I would of gotten it.
   Also I've been working on a review I should have done hopefully later tonight or at the latest tomorrow morning I hope you'll enjoy.
  Well just want to share some of my excitement with you.
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Sorry saw that on photobucket couldn't resist, lol.

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