Saturday, October 12, 2013

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   Hey everyone, so I have completely been neglecting my fellow bloggers and checking their reviews and updates and my goodreads groups and for that I'm sorry. I guess I still need to learn time management. I really want to give you readers more than just book reviews of the books I read, and I don't want to get caught up in doing just book tours all the time either as I've noticed with a few bloggers, I'm sure not on purpose. However I'm not on any of the blog tour sites yet I do know of a few out there and do want to sign up for one of them, let me ask you which one do you like?

   So tomorrow is Sunday which means Cover Love Sunday and the theme is YA books, already picked out one need to think of a couple more for you.
I'm am trying to find features and memes I think I can keep up with but so many are for the new book they've got new books coming out, and I'm not able to make weekly or even biweekly book hauls, though believe me I wish I could, nor am I fully aware of all the new books coming out sad to say but true, yes I have my eye on some but still, heck I'm still working on reading books that came out 4 years ago so whats that say, also so many series are out there and I'm prone to find each and every one of them I swear. I understand the meaning of a diamond in the rough and you want to know what it means, thats what a stand alone book is, lol.

   I have been on an e-book frenzy lately though, free e-books, even though I don't have an e-reader using my laptop. Ive been reading a series Law of the Lycan by Nicky Charles so far there are five books and I've read four of them The Mating, The Keeping, The Finding are one timeline I just finished Bonded which is 0.5 of the series and in a different timeline surrounding different events and Betrayed: Days of the Rouge is its sequel and I think I'm going to be taking a little break before I read that one because, and I'll elaborate more in my review for Bonded, but I didn't like how it ended and I just need to soak that in for a little bit, just like how I didn't write the review for it right away other wise I would of be going off just about how it ended.
 On top of those I've found at feedbooks: Smolder (Dragon Souls 1) by Penelope Fletcher apparently theres a sequel that should be coming out soon. On smashwords found Unenchanted (An Unfortunate Fairy Tale 1) by Chanda Hahn the other two are not free just so you know.

   I've also been asked to review Wind and Shadow by Tori L. Ridgewood so I got a e-book copy courtesy of Bookpr Services.

   I bought a full trilogy the other day they are a hardcover books and each one was $11. Time travel, romance, demons sounds cool right. I also like that the cover are the color of the jewel.

Ruby Red (Precious Stone Trilogy, #1)Sapphire Blue (Precious Stone Trilogy, #2)Emerald Green (Precious Stone Trilogy, #3)

   I've also been rereading Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone. That is before I start reading Law of the Lycan series.

   I thought about doing something I saw on another blog a while ago I forget who and I'm not try to steel their idea so if this seems familiar tell me where you've seen it. But I thought I would let you pick one of my next book I read once a week I would list 3 or 4 books and that would be on my reading along with other books for that week that I've picked. These books will manly be books that I keep meaning to get to but find something else to read instead, sometimes you may see the same book often. Let me know what you think.

   So the Read-A-Thon I found through another blog that doing it it's a 10 day R.A.T that started yesterday, the 11th, and since I'm going to be reading anyway why not and it'll give me a chance to look at other blogs. Its the Wonderfully Wicked Read-A-Thon and the sign up is open till the 18th. I'll be making an updates post that I'll update each day. And it will have my goals aswell.

  More to come, Hope you enjoyed~

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