Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Bout of Books Upate #2

Bout of Books

Hey! So yesterday(aka day 2 of the read-a-thin) I didn't finish Chosen like I hoped, ended up get a bit distracted with a few things and also had a few shows I had watch (Hello, True Blood for one). I didn't do a mini challenge yesterday.

So Pages I Read Today: 110
Pages Read Total: 215
Number of Books Completed: 0  :(

Todays Goals
So I woke up fairly early this morning, that is for me, and have already jumped into reading, now obviously I had to put it down so I can make my update post, and hopefully I'll be finishing Chosen this morning I have less than a hundred pages but more than 50 to go, so it shouldn't be to hard, And start my next book by later this afternoon. I also plan on doing one or both of the challenges today I've only glanced at what they are so far put I'll take a look at them when I finish Chosen.

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