Saturday, August 24, 2013

Bout of Books Update #5

Bout of Books
Well after my reading slump Thursday and do think I made up for it yesterday by finishing The Heist, which lets fact it I barely started it, and had I read it Thursday I'd would have already been in my next book but it lest I got down another book. I didn't do a challenge I wanted to finish The Heist and it was a easy read meaning there wasn't really a lot on one page as there is in the other books I picked.
Pages Read: 215
Total Pages Read: Chosen 307 + The Heist 295 = 602, wow didn't realize I read that many pages sometimes it doesn't click how long a book is.

Todays Goal:
Well I didn't wake up till late this morning, I want to write my review for The Heist which I hope I can do quickly I really enjoyed it. I hope to get at lest 100 or more in my next book which is going to be Shadows of Myth really excited to get into that one what would be great is if I cant put it down and able to get through half if not the whole book. being that I woke up so late for me and need to do the review and a few other things I don't see me doing one the challenges today though I am going to try I know that there's two today though I don't know what entirely they are yet but hopefully one of them would be kinda easy for me to do, and quickly.

Well I think I've spent enough time on this update now time to do my review.

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