Friday, August 2, 2013

The occasional book run and TBR

   So more to keep me on track of actually putting posts I'm going to try and do TBR's once maybe twice a month and I'll let you know when I've made a library run or bought new books. I have sign on to goodreads just haven't figured out how to I can put goodreads on here, yet I might mess with that today yesterday I was messing around with how everything looks and all the add ons some I get, some I don't. I know this is going to be a learn along the way type of deal and hopefully I'll know all the ins and out eventually.
   So I have actually gotten new books within the last few weeks, lately I've been reading up a storm which got me to start looking for some new books again, aswell as get the next book that are in a series, because my other books that I need to read are in fact going down, finally, though I do still have quite a few I need to get to and I most diffidently will.. But I want some new also I get hooked on one type of click and I just buy a lot like it such as witches, magical, vampires(real big on those), paranormal anything really. So I mainly want a change in subject which is how I spotted Beautiful Disaster and Walking Disaster, posted my review yesterday on those really a good read, and so I've been browsing whenever I'm somewhere that has books, Walmart (though some Walmarts don't even have half an aisle anymore, I know people have ereaders now but they should still have at least kids books and some book for the people you don't have an ereader, what the heck is up with that) usually has good prices too their cheaper than they would be at B&N like to look at the bargain section there, Costco always has a table piled with books though sometime it half kids book and cook books but theres still several different piles of ya and adult, Target I always look at their 20% off titles they too sometimes offer books cheaper than at a book store. I cant forget to mention the library, hello they are free books and sometime youll find an older book there that the stores wont have anymore. I don't know how some many people can spend 100+ each month I know I cant do it not even every couple months once in a while yea sure maybe and also spread it out like I did I bout a couple books here a book there another book there at different times different places, in all, including BD and WD that I bought in late June, the books Ive gotten recently probably did run up to about $50-$60 but that's 5 book at around $10 each, yea its expensive all the Harry Potter books alone probably cost at least $120, thankfully that was spread out over the course of 8 to 10 years.
   Soo on to the books. I got Falling Kingdoms by Morgan Rhodes and it hardback but a hardback that 10 bucks or less is rare, I like the cove its dark and mysterious its got a white clocked figure and some kind or bird on it. The inside flap, aka the synopsis
Each ruler of three kingdoms are grappling for power, the lives of their subjects are brutally transformed...and four key player, royals and rebels alike, find their fates forever intertwined.
   Theres more on it but I wont get into it now but that just seems really interesting and cant wait to read it, I was so hopeful that this was a stand alone book and come to find out its not, great yet another series I'm gonna have to buy and thankfully I'm not to far behind on it either I think the second book just come out or is about to come out I'm not sure.
  The next book I really don't know what to expect with this book but it was apparently 10 Best Book New York Times Book Review 2011 call The Tiger's Wife by Tea Obreht.
And the third book I bought was City of Ashes book two of the mortal instruments by Cassandra Clare I already have City or Bones had that for a long time I just not got around to reading it though.
   I also got two books from the library Betrayed book two of the house of night series I have Marked book one by P.C. Cast and Kristin Cast I was going to buy it but I came a crossed it in the library and thought what the heck, Id read Marked recently and want to continue the series but didn't find it at Walmart when I went and was in the library so I got it and already read it. The other book I got is a book I kept mean to get for year and I finally told myself its here get it and the is The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo by Stieg Larsson, I know I'm late about reading it like I said I kept meaning to get it for years just never did always found something else. I am going to start it soon.
   Another book I want to start soon I've had for a while Daughter of the Blood: book 1 of the black jewels trilogy by Anne Bishop I also have book 2 got that one on bargain and I thought I had book 3 as well but I cant find it cause I thought I saw both book 2 and 3 on bargain and that actually how I ended up with the first one but I guess its just 1 and 2 of this trilogy I'll have to find 3 soon hopefully on bargain. I started this book but I think I went though a little "I have to much energy to sit and read" and so I had to stop for a little bit but I'm going to start it over and hopeful get through it this time I didn't get very far before and no it wasn't cause it didn't keep me interested I think it was just as I said blame on the on-off adhd sometime I can sit still sometimes that's that last thing I can do I am looking forward to reading this book.

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