Saturday, August 31, 2013

Tis The Life

   Hey guys, so I know I haven't made a post all week and I hope in the future that I don't go this long with out doing something for you guys. There's been a few things going on here one of which was yesterday when the landlord came over to look at a problem and she urh *eye roll*, well I wont get into it but it wasn't pretty. Needless to say I needed to get out of the house because the last thing you wanna do to this girl when she gets mad is have her stay in an enclosed area. I tried reading while on the bus but ended up just listening to music instead, ended up not reading much yesterday or much of the week.
   Other things that is the cause of my no posting/little reading. I think that read-a-thon filled my head with a bunch of words and they just got kajumbled and I needed a day without a book sadly. I often have a one track mind I'm hoping having a blog might actually help with that but it seems not to yet. I've been going through the group I'm in on goodreads and looking at some blogs just trying to learn what I can and try to picture how I want this blog to be, I really need to learn to set a time limit on how much time I want to being spending on goodreads and looking/reading other blogs and such. But not to worry I am going to spend my weekend nose deep in books.

   And I was going to save this for tomorrow but...
animated excited photo: excited Excited-Amy-Adams-In-Cute-Dress-Reaction-Gif_zpsa152083a.gif

  My blog is a month old!!!!!
  I know, I know its only been a month and no I don't plan on being like a little school girl with puppy love saying oh its been 6 weeks, its been 2 months, its been... But I just wanted to say that I've been on for a month and the next time I make a deal as to how long I've been up will either be 6 months or a year, haven't decided yet guess it'll be on how I feel at 6 months :)
  This month went by fast I feel like I just started a week ago. So I hope this month to find a meme or two that I'll enjoy doing and I plan on doing quite a few reviews for you, hopefully even find some challenges to do. You'll notice a few changes coming hopefully for the better, but I'll always love for your input. After I post a few more reviews that I have coming, I'm semi working on them while I've been reading other books as well as writing those reviews, I plan on having a page for you to easily find the reviews I have, not just through the blog archive. I hope to also find some graphics to change it up a little. Just hold in there with me.

  I wish I could say that while I was out I bought some new books but I just couldn't afford more right now but thats why I have an occasional book haul sadly :( Sometimes I think if your really actively buying books it can probably cost just as much as having a baby, not that I would know, but it sure feels like it sometimes. I also keep on finding romance books or erotic books, like what is with that, ok world I know I'm single right now I don't need it rubbed in my face, lol, especially when it comes to the erotic books, hot and steamy with no one around, thanks.

   As always more to come, thanks.~

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