Sunday, August 25, 2013

Bout of Books Update #6

Bout of Books
    Hey all this week sure has gone fast. so yesterday I didn't get to where I wanted in my book or get a challenge done but I got a review done and I also spent some time surfing a few blogs, of which I have to re-find cause I didn't copy past the link to follow them but itll be easy to find its in my history.
Pages Read: 75, yea I know its very little
Total Pages Read: With the 602 already + 75 = 677
Total Books Read: 2.15

Todays Goals:
Finish book # 3, I know that's kind of a long shot but I'm going to try. Find a those blogs that appealed to me and maybe a few other in the process, and leave a few comment, but not to spend much time doing this.

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