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Gril with the Dragon Tattoo

   Ok, I tried. I really, really tried. I just could not get into this one. But I made a commitment to myself that I would read it. And I finally finished it, and can return it to the library. However just because I had a hard time getting into the book doesn't mean I don't want to see the movie which I can finally do. I had to resort to find a few audiobook chapters on youtube, that was the only way I got through this. I like finding audiobook's whether is to get through a book I cant seem to get into or if its a book a thoroughly enjoyed and want to know what this reaction was supposed to be or how that was supposed to be said. Granted a book will say that someone said something in anger or surprise but it also good to hear it. However I cant just listen to an audiobook I read along with the book.

The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo (Millennium, #1)
   Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, the first half, I felt like this book was all over the place it didn't stick one a firm story line, at the beginning anyway, one moment its Mikael Blomkvist, a journalist and publisher of a magazine Millennium, and ladies man, and some trial that we don't find out what that's about till a little latter on, between him and a company owned by Hans-Erik Wennerstrom for apparent embezzling, I think. Then it goes to Milton Security and Lisbeth Salander, who all in all in a social outcast, but smarter than she lets people on, a hacker and researcher. Back to Blomkvist and getting offered to do an autobiography and to solve cold missing person case by Henrik Vanger, retired CEO of the Vanger Corporation, and the rich guy of the story. And it did a lot of background, now I'm all for having the background of a character, but why so much background on Salander that's pretty much all her part of the story was, and she was in all of maybe 25% of it. I don't want it to seem like I'm slamming this book, I don't do that I'll leave that for publishers and people you write for NYT, though I don't think ANY book should ever get slammed. I did have parts that I enjoyed.

   The part of the story that was about Salander, at the beginning I really didn't get, I mean ok, I got that clearly she is very smart, she's different, and she was abused, more than abused even, at a young age. What little dialog she had and her thoughts I liked, thought she was rather sarcastic, and the way she was introduced to the story
"She looked as though she had just emerged from a week-long orgy with a gang of hard rockers."
But what was this part of the story here she had nothing to do with Blomkvist they don't even meet till more than half way through. She had nothing to do with Wennerstrom, though she did start an investigation on the company. And she had no relation to Henrik Vanger or the Vanger family. Being how the book is titled you would think that the girl with a dragon tattoo, aka Lisbeth Salander, she would be a bigger role of the story. At least for three quarters of the book anyways she's merely a supporting role, if that. There were times I was like I thought this girl was supposed to be a strong and never get kicked down women. Then at times that proved just the case and other times not so much. What she did to that pathetic, conniving excuse for a man after he raped her, I was like thank god for doing something, of course I would of liked it better if she at least bit him when he made her, go down on him, or kicked him in the nuts the second time. We women need to fight back when things like that happen not just submit wither you plan on a revenge or not. FIGHT BACK!

   The bulk the book focuses on Blomkvist and the Vanger family, obviously he was commissioned to write a family chronicle and try to figure out what happened to Harriet Vanger some thirty years ago. Quite frankly I liked how he was, persuaded if you can call it that I think it needs a more stronger word but for lack of one that's all I have, to agree upon such a outlandish, knows no new answers would be found, assignment, that will take a year of his time. Henrik Vanger told quite a story to Blomkvist which very much intrigued him, me to, and then when he got down to it and told him what he wants to do and how much he was going to pay, Blomkvist still on the fence, he sweetened the pot by saying he has what he needs to take down Wennerstrom, if I would be getting paid as much as he offered, and its a LOT, and a chance to take down someone that really needs to be put away, would you be able to turn it down, I wouldn't.

    It wasn't till roughly half way through that things really started to pick up, before now I thought there was a lot of dragging and it sucks that it took me half the book to really get into it, and focus on solving the disappearance of Harriet Vanger.
This is when Blomkvist notices something in a picture and really starts following his gut. From there he not only gets new evidence but new connections too. And finally we have a more activity with Salander. Blomkvist asks her to look for past crimes/murders with a list of names that were in a address book of Harriet's. And so the real solving begins. Some of the interaction between Salander and Blomkvist is to die for it brings a little comedy to a mystery book, which has to be done right to be any good.
    They start connecting things that was easily missed since there was no clear pattern unless you knew what to look for. They know their on the right track and its only a matter of time to figuring out why Harriet disappeared and the connection to a list of unsolved murders, and who, when they start getting attacks and warnings. With the entire Vanger family suspects theres no one Blomkvist can trust save for Salander. With the solving the connections of the murders they still need to figure out what happened to Harriet.
    What happen to her? Well its somewhat surprising though I guess in a way you kind a get lead to it and well this is the only thing it could possibly lead to, I don't want to spoil it, if by chance you haven't read it. It was tragic what she went through thou, her and her brother.
    And it really touched in on some very real factors at why and how we get serial criminals.

    So with everything solved and the agreement that was made fulfilled by the end of summer the last thing is to write the family chronicle and get the answers Blomkvist needs to take down Wennerstrom. However due to how everything was solved Vanger askes him to keep that part out of it, something he never does.
'He who had lambasted his colleagues for not publishing the truth, here he sat, discussing, negotiating even, the most macabre cover-up he had ever heard of.'

From here Blomkvist appears to have nothing he can use use after all, but Salander ends up to have everything needed to prove the Wennerstrom is "a gangster". And so the reast of the book Blomkvist is writing a full story that there is no way to be able to prove as it having anything fake in it. And the only thing that will get Millennium but on its feet solidly.

    Though it was upsetting that the first half of this book to me dragged is did turn into a rather good book. Though it pretty much can be a stand alone it is part of a trilogy and I am even willing to continue with the next book maybe not right away but someday, and hope that the beginning of the next one isn't so dragged out.

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