Thursday, August 22, 2013

Undead, Enemies and Trust

   I must say this book in the house of night series turned me back around after what Betrayed was. Betrayed had a lot of recapping, in detail, of what happened in the first book Marked. I am happy to say that theres not as much, little recap..good, lot of recap..bad, not bad but you know what I mean. I also hope that it keeps to the light recap for the other books and not be going back and forth with little, lot, little.  Also there was a bit to much babble for me in the last one. If you haven't read Betrayed you should before reading this because as with any series the events follow that which happened in the last book, so there will be a little spoiler for you if you don't know what happened in it. I really did like this one a lot better than I liked the last though there are a few events that I was like "what the mother fuck were you thinking" I got it from the Library and I'm more willing to get this one so I have if I ever want to reread it or forgot something that happened in it. I think I might update my previous post on the series as I do realize its really just a blurb and I wrote it after I wasn't really liking the last book and so didn't really go through many of the characters of which I do like them.

    Chosen book 3 of the House Of Night Series, By P.C and Kristin Cast, starts out with Zoey's birthday and first off, I have to say it because I have a cat, but it starts with her talking to her cat, Nala, about how she always gets some kind of Christmas birthday, if any of you have a cat you know what its like we talk to them and sometimes they even respond, I talk to my cat all the time, and I do believe that they own us, I mean Jasmine, my pain in the butt(and I'm the only one allowed to call her that) but she's also my baby, when she wants attention it don't matter what I'm doing she'll climb up on me get in the way of either my laptop or a book or something else, and just lay down or head bud me till I pet her, and that they choose us. I get people who have a birthday close to it often times gets a gift that tries in for a Christmas gift but Christmas themed surely that doesn't happen all the time so I think the gift thing is a bit exaggerated, I mean who puts a x-mas tree on STILETTO BOOTS. So with the arrival of a gift from Heath, human boy she imprinted on and was her boyfriend, along with a card that pretty much everyone else saw and it said how she didn't like Christmas themed gifts, it didn't turn out that great for her. She went to meet up with her grandma, who is really more the mother figure to her, and gets encouraged on how to straighten it out. Ok, this is where that spoiler is if you haven't read Betrayed. On her way back she also goes to find undead Stevie Rae, her best friend and before she died very funny and able to put everyone else in their place as far as their little gang went anyway, whom no one knows about.
"Stevie Rae, it's me. You can turn off the hissing crap. Plus, it's a ridiculous vampyre cliché"
    Cliché is right, she's changed, along with the other undead that thankfully we didn't see any of in this they were just mentioned, into the more classic type of vampire that we used to read about, no sun or you burn, no entering a house unless invited, red eyes, nothing much today has that except True Blood. I liked that it mixes the then type of vampyre with the type that series' take of them. Stevie Rae is losing her humanity, which she still has only because of her affinity for earth, but Zoey is determined to save her no matter what it takes.

   Zoey is also getting a lot better with her affinities and how to do things. She still feels like she cant tell anything to her friends, which I find just wrong, and when she does say anything about what she's having to deal with its because she's more coxed into it, like finally telling everyone how she's imprinted on Heath and that she's going to tell him that she cant be with him. I got her reason for not telling anyone about Stevie Rae, it was more to protect them and keep Neferet from finding out. But everything else well thats how she gets all tangled up in a mess. I'm not saying that you should tell your friends everything in your life, god knows I didn't when I was a teen, its hard to talk to anyone when your going through some real troubles, family or personal, especially with your friends cause you don't want to get that I feel sorry for you look, I get it, but you GOT to tell your friends some things otherwise its like your in a pretend friendship and they don't get to know the real you. So I don't really like that about this series like older teens today don't have enough problems in their life they got to read a book that is kinda saying to keep your shit to yourself. I'm sure that this isn't a message coming out of the book on purpose or anything like that and I'm probably just exaggerating.

  Weirdly enough Aphrodite is who Nyx has chosen to form the circle of elements and it seems she has really turned over a new leaf though she has her own issues, and she still rather a bitch, she already knows a lot that happened and she helps Zoey. They start a, I wouldn't say friendship but an understanding relationship, and its kind of nice to see where that's going. Along with where she stands with Stevie Rae. Though no one really likes the fact that she's needed for the circle I like how Zoey finally puts her foot down, and more than once, not because she likes the fact either but its something that they all have to agree on and Zoey really takes charge.
"Then if your still breathing you're still a hag", Erin said
"Which is what was call you," Shaunee finished.
"No," I said firmly. The Twins turned their glares on me. "You guys don't have to like her. You don't even have to like that Nyx wants her here. But if we accept Aphrodite, then we accept her. That means the name-calling has to stop."

   So the love triangle plus older guy eye candy has really turned into what the heck are you thinking. Heath, she's imprinted on so theres really no help with that, and every time she goes to see him he frickin cuts himself and she, unable to control that yet, drinks his blood, which just makes it worse. Erik though he doesn't like it he accepts it because he knows theres nothing he can do about it, but he's also trying to have his own relationship with Zoey, but because of everything going on with everything, he sees her pull away and starts to really not like that, and I don't blame him, so they have talk and also make out. However that doesn't last very long with a pissing contest between Erik and Loren Blake, a.k.a older guy eye candy, after which she then ends up making out with him.
I put my face in my hands and said miserably, "I think I'm turning into a ho."
   Hey, she said it not me and boy is that an under statement, she goes from making out and having a hand up her shirt, not that I'm saying theres anything wrong with that, to making out with an older guy, not that theres anything wrong with that either, ofcourse it would be better if that was with the same guy, we all like our older guy but the thing is the older guy is purely eye candy meaning we don't have a chance, my older guy eye candy of course is Johnny Depp, oh if only, lol, learning how to kiss from him in Cry Baby,*day dreaming*. Sorry I went off subject. Anyway, to drinking blood and dry humping with Heath, which theres nothing wrong with that either, meaning the dry humping as normal humans like us don't drink blood, but again not if it was with the same guy. And ofcourse if your at a mature age and in a stable relationship that is at those points is doing those things ok. So she really has a mess for herself.

   Among other events theres a killing that really shakes up things, calling in warriors vamps. to guard the school and Neferet puts a shield that tells when someone comes in or out or the school grounds. At the end dark daughters full moon ritual something happens to Erik. And Zoey does something that I got so mad that she would do such a thing and hurt Erik like that I even woke up my cat when I yelled "what the fuck! how the heck could you do such a thing." I got bloody mad. And she was stupid, its like she barely even gave Erik a chance. Then all comes out from Stevie Rae to other secrets she's been keeping from her friends. And things take a turn from bad to worse in most ways and in a few ways gets better.

   I cant wait to find out how things go in the next book as far as Stevie Rae and Neferet and how the rift that came to happen between her and her friends turns into.

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