Sunday, August 11, 2013

Coming Up

  Hey all, well I know I've been away for a few days I was finding it a little hard to get into this book I'm reading but now I think I'm getting interested. Also I'm trying to find new things to help get out there and keep track of like on goodreads. I was also feeling kinda on the low side for a few days.
  So I made a return to the library and granted I did not return everything when I went it didn't stop me from looking around, I mean I cant walk into the library and not look around are you crazy, times when I don't want to look around at the library I use the drive up return which I sometimes do like when I just get a lot and then finish half and decide to renew the rest but I need to return the others, or if I just want to take a break from the library and read what I have.
  What did I get?

  I got Chosen book 3 of the House of Night series by P.C & Kristin Cast, I don't usually do this if I buy a book that's the beginning of a series and I like it I continue to buy them not buy this one then get that on form the library and buy the next one, no I don't do that but they keep drawing me in I spotted the 2nd one there and I was I want to know what happens already so I was you know what get it if you like it worth enough to read again then one day get it, don't know if I'll do that unless its on bargain, but I like getting all of them because say I go 2 years with out reading the next one Id like to catch myself back up and refamiliarise myself with the series. But these just keep drawing me in. I want that necklace that's on the cover its simple with the crescent moon and the red beads and its elegant just my taste, moon the moon than the red, blue it more my color. And I promise I'll do more then just a little blurb on this one.

 Next I got Shadows of Myth By Rachel Lee, it apparently first came out in 2005. Do I smell a stand alone, possibly? Now if the title isn't enough to tell you this is clearly a fantasy/fairy tale.

The synopsis reads:

Shadows of Myth
The Ilduin Bane are myth and legend: assassin mages whose blades drip poison and whose minds share a common purpose-one of death or control. All who have gone against them have been lost, unable to penetrate their powerful protections.
And so Archer Blackcloak gather a small band to bring about the downfall of Bane. From Archer comes strength of purpose and indomitable will. Ratha and Giri, the Anari warriors, give the group a fighter's skill and temper. They are joined by Young Tom, whose unwavering loyalty is matched by an insatiable curiosity, and by Sara Deepwell, who has a surprising talent for magic. From their last member, Tess Birdsong, the only survivor of a brutal attack that left her with no memory, comes the power of one who has nothing left to lose.
But the road to freedom is long and twisted, and before they are finished their old sorrows may destroy them. Yet once started, they cannot turn back--no matter how high the price to be paid. . .
   I am really looking forward to reading this is seem it is fill with everything a good fairy tale needs.

  Next is Rush book one of the Breathless Trilogy by Maya Banks I know almost everyone has read this I've seen a lot things about this book and am interested, its a romance, don't know why but I'm feeling the romance lately guess its because that a lot of whats coming out lately and feel the need to find a boyfriend. However its a newish book and if I don't get to it before I need to return, which is unlikely, I wont feel the need to renew it I'll just return it and get it some other time, same goes for the other book I got.
  Now this one is hot off the presses I saw it and was like I really want to read this and its here so why should I pay 15 bucks to read it right now if I like it chances are I'll go and buy it at some point and that is Janet Evanovich and Lee Goldberg's, I know you know where I'm going with this, The Heist. It seems like its funny and has action this will be the first time reading Janet, I have heard things about the Stephanie Plum books only recently and think this is a good place to start with for her books so I guess we'll see.

  I'll have a review for you soon for Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, was finding it a little hard to get into but hopefully I'll be done with it soon, as it needs to be returned.


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