Saturday, August 24, 2013

Partners in cons, schemes and flirting

The Heist (O'Hare and Fox #1)   After seeing it everywhere and deciding I want to read to it I actually saw it at the library, though I don't usually get newer books from the library I like to get older books that you might not see in book stores very much, and took that as a sign that I am meant to read this book and now and I got it from the library.
  This was a good book it was an easy read and it flowed very nicely. A great opening to a new series that I already cant wait for the next book. It's funny, witty and flirty, theres action. The Heist, by Janet Evanovich and Lee Goldberg, kinda makes me think of a mix between the shows White Collar and Leverage, two shows I like. I can already see it being made into a tv series after more book come out of course. The characters have good chemistry and I wonder how long the authors are going to dance around the only thing that's inevitably going to happen between them. The dialog I love form everyone.

  Kate O'Hare, sarcastic always on the job Special Agent for the FBI who has finally after five years on the chase caught Nick Fox, fast talking, handsome and charming con man. Only he has plans of his own, escapes only to have Kate find him again and she learns that he has made a deal with the FBI to catch the big fish of criminal's, the ones they cant catch in the traditional way and has to bend the law a little. They now have to work together and they actually make a good team, mainly because there both attracted to each other.

This was the first time they'd met face-to-face, outside of the one encounter in the interrogation room, that didn't begin with her pointing a gun at him. They were actually sitting at a table, like two old friends, not like the hunter and the hunted. And it wasn't especially awkward. They were comfortable together, despite the fact that they didn't trust each other or that she'd hit him with a bus. Maybe his scheme would work.

   Their first job find and recover an investment banker who embezzled $500 million and fled. Nick and Kate assemble a team of actors, a make-up and special effects artist, a driver, and a set builder to pull off the schemes. Their not your run of the mill team of drifters and robbers, their just common citizens a bit down on their luck or looking for an adventure. The actor of the team takes things over the top. The driver can handle anything, within a few minutes anyway, from cars to boats and planes. the builder can make you think your in another place, with the help of course of the special effects guy. Not forgetting Kate's dad retired Seal operative Jake O'Hare, who brings the occasional back up extraction when needed.

"Ask yourself what kind of man gives his daughter an RPG and what he would do to anyone who hurts her"

    To find him they put on an act to get the one person he knows, his lawyer, to fess up on telling them where he is. After he does Kate and Nick along with the driver, Wilma nicknamed Willie, go put off a con to get him to go with them. But they run into some trouble with some pirates, nothing Kate O'Hare cant handle.
   Kate and Nick are dancing around flirting with each other this whole book. Kate always has a comeback for anything anyone says, except that is when it comes to Nick. Their dialog together you cant help but laugh. I wouldn't mind reading more of Janet Evanovich.~

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