Saturday, August 3, 2013

House of Night series

   So the House of night series by P.C. Cast and Kristin Cast I read Marked maybe two months ago and I just read Betrayed so it is a new series for me. One thing I will tell you is it definitely a ya that is more for the older teen like 16 and up into the early 20's even.
  I really enjoyed Marked and the over all aspect of this series its a new take on vampyres that its genetics that changes you into a vampyre, and 16 year old Zoey is one of those who gets Marked by the goddess Nyx, who is a vampyre night goddess, and so begins the change of becoming a vampyre. Zoey, as it turn out, isn't going through the change quite like the other fledglings in the House of Night school. It seems to have sped up and she is already experiencing things that happen once your matured. She get to be friends and make a few enemies when such a colorful group of characters and school isn't school without a queen B. The vampyres seem more like a witch community they have special rituals to honor their goddess and that what I like about it and what I mean by its a different take on vampyres.
   In Betrayed things have turned the tables some people she couldn't trust have shown a side of them that is different and warns Zoey of things and a person she thought was good isn't I'm interested in finding out where that goes and why. Theres also a love triangle, or square however you want to look at it, going on between Zoey, her human ex, and her now boyfriend and someone she thinks is hott.
   The series is told though Zoey and sometimes her babble gets on my nerves, she cares for him she likes him oh but she thinks he was flirting with her, babble. Also in Betrayed the first few chapters it went over a lot of things and repeated what happened in the first book, I hope this isn't a continuing thing. through out the series.
   I hope I can read this full series and get through all the books because I thoroughly enjoy the aspect of it and the characters are colorful and funny theres some mature situations. But that being said sometimes being in Zoey's head is hard to get though, for me, like I said its definitely for the mature teen early 20's group

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