Thursday, August 22, 2013

Bout of Books Update #3

Bout of Books
   Hey everyone! Wow I cant believe its already Thursday and we're starting day 4 of the read-a-thon. So yesterday I did both challenges and let me tell ya I was tired after going though my books to make a poem are a TBR even made a mess on my bed. So most of my reading was in the morning for finishing Chosen and only a little time before I came to bed last night. I also started typing up my review, of which I hope to finish today and post it later.

Pages I Read: Last 94 pages of Chosen, first 30 pages of The Heist = 124 Pages
Total Pages Read: Chosen 307 + The Heist 30 = 337
Books Completed: 1

Today Goal:
Well today is going to be a light day for me I need/want to finish the review for Chosen. I woke up not feeling the best, think today my sinuses are going to stay with me all day weather this is a good thing as far as actually getting in a lot of reading, yet to be determined. I'm also going to do a little blog surfing and see how and what everyone is doing leave a few comments maybe find another blog I want to follow. There are 2 challenges today I don't think I'll get to them the way I'm feeling right now and their to much work so I think it just a reading day for me. I do want to try and do at least 2 more challenges this week though if I can.

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