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The Beautiful Walking Disaster

  So lets start with a newer book that I bought recently actually its 2 books they are Beautiful Disaster and Walking disaster by Jamie McGuire. Now first off let me say they are companion books they are the same story by different points of view but dont let that make you think they are going to be the same its not, there are a few things that happen in one but not the other and vise versa. Also I noticed a couple timeline mishaps but just get past it. So let me tell you what attracted me to these books at first I actually saw Walking Disaster first which is the companion, i.e second book, the cover and the title caught my eye on an end shelf at target I mean you see a cover with a nice toned muscular tattooed bicep and chest and a title of Walking Disaster how is a girl to resist, also they had it for 20% off yay, so I read the back, which I'll stat below when I get to talking about it and it seemed real interesting and I get the last line saying, "Every story has two sides. In beautiful disaster, Abby had her say. Now its time to see the story through Travis's eyes." So I'm standing there looking for this other book at the end shelf dont find and I'm like well crap. I dont know bout any of you but I cant pick up a book that in a series if its not the first one and thats how I get into trouble to. Anyway I'm dragging this I know and I've probably gotten your sites up to high already I did find Beautiful Disaster(clearly), also for 20% off double yay, and get them they both seemed interesting.

So staring with Beautiful Disaster when I got home and started reading it I COULD NOT PUT IT DOWN. I was even up through the night reading, I havent had a book like that in a long time. I've already read it and re-read I dont know how many times anymore. I didnt want to leave this amazing love story, it also made me sad that I dont have a love story like that. Its told though the eyes of Abby Abernathy who is a freshmen in college who meets the "University's Walking One-Night Stand" tattooed every girls must have bad boy, complete with a motorcycle (that's important cant be a bad boy with out a motorcycle), Travis Maddox. At first she wants nothing to do with him, she knows he's trouble right off and tells him start up that she's not that type of girl.

I kept my voice low. "I'm not sleeping with you. You should give up now."

  However with that out of the way they soon become friends. Travis earns his money by fighting underground at the college, one of his fights he and Abby make a bet.

"If he loses, he must remain abstinent for a month. If Abby loses, she mush live in Travis's apartment for the same amount of time. Either way, Travis has no idea that he has met his match."

   Now if you cant guess by now Abby ends up living with him. Sorry if I spoiled it for you but I knew when I read that she was gonna loose otherwise whats the story, you know. Now during this month she is trying to keep feelings for him, that may have been there from the start or just developed, pushed back. Abby wants her life to end up a certain way and she feels if she's with Travis she will end up what she left behind. Her best friend America is so funny and witty I cant help but love her. America is on Abby's side yet she undoubtedly rooting is for Travis. And then there's Shepley, Travis's cousin/roommate and America boyfriend, he is so on and off with rooting for his cousin and telling America to shut up on urging for them to get together, at first.

   You see this relationship grow and they are so disastrously perfect together. They can put each other in the others place, more so with Abby putting Travis in his place.

   It had me feeling sad, happy, mad (in a good way), holding my breath, laughing, I might of shed a tear or two to. It really made me feel what Abby's was feeling. Writing about this book without spoilers is so much harder then I thought it would be. So much happens theres drama, theres action, romance, so much.

   Dont think Im done talking about this just yet. However if you haven't read Beautiful Disaster yet you should stop reading now go pick up both these books and then come back when you've read them cause I really dont think I can do a review on Walking Disaster without spoilers. If you have read it please let me know if you liked what I had to say about it, cause I feel that no matter what I say they'll have to be more said about it

       "Can you love someone to much?

        Travis Maddox learned two things from his mother before she died: Love hard. Fight harder
(With that first line on the back of the cover how can you not already be intrigued.)

      In Walking Disaster, the life of Travis is full of fast women, underground gambling, and violence.But just when he thinks he is invincible, Abby Abernathy brings him to his knees.

     Every story has two side. In Beautiful Disaster, Abby had her say. Now it's time to see the story through Travis's eyes."

   *Sigh* As if that first line didnt already have me hooked, mind you I saw this book before I saw Beautiful Disaster.

   I fell in love with all the characters even more in this side of the story, especially America is it me or did she get even more witty in it.

   Ok starting with the prologue, oh I couldn't keep it together three pages into it and I couldn't help cry. It was so sad but explained so much of Travis. His mom is dying and she tells him this:

"One of these day you're going to fall in love, son. Don't settle for just anyone. Choose the girl that doesn't come easy, the one you have to fight for, and never fighting. Never" -she took a deep breath- "stop fighting for what you want. And never" -her eyebrows pulled in- "forget that Mommy loves you. Even if you can't see me." A tear fell down her cheek. "I will always, always love you." 

   I felt so sad for little 3 year old Travis. And then what he was saying about him needing and wanted her more than Jesus, and how he thought about already feeling he let her down by not fighting for her. How can you not cry. Just writing about it and I'm get sad all over again.

   I loved being in Travis's head and it explains so much of his actions and feelings in Beautiful Disaster. Theres are little details in this one that wasnt in the other one and scenes like this one scene I wanted to see is so bad after hearing about it in the other one where Travis trashed the apartment, I was not disappointed at all with that. And I love that there was more in her birthday scene, especially with what she said to him she may have been drunk but when are drunk people liers, I mean really get someone drunk if you want to know the truth, right and I dont mean just drinking beer drunk I mean Drunk basically doing what Abby did only not that much and please do not go and get drunk like that just because of what I just said Please!, and his response to it just made it more real for him. There are few things I'm upset weren't in this side that I would have loved to see through Travis's eyes but I guess can get past it but only because of how it ends.

   Knowing what he was thinking its like it all makes since now. He thinks he'll never be the man that Abby deserves but thats not stopping him from trying to get her to be his. Some of his inner struggle with that I thought and how he always thought that she would be mad at him was so funny and I wanted to scream at him "Travis your not a piece of shit, get off your ass and tell her you like her!" Ofcourse Shepley being how he is actually got him to admit it in such a funny way and more than once.

   Even after being in Abby's head there were things she did that I was like, Are you crazy dont do that to him, and then with being in Travis's head he was just as confused as I was. You see just how he changes form this violent, dont give a damn, sleep with who ever guy to who he grows into for Abby, who is this still violent but Abby can calm him, he no longer needs to sleep around with everyone. He is no longer invincible to everything because if Abby isn't safe he's nothing. Plus the break up they went through how both of them had it differently.

   As if the Valentine's date party wasn't crazy enough on Abby side with Travis it was like the bomb exploding and in both I LOVED when Travis screamed at her
  Someone please scream that in my face with that much passion. And the love scene, I'm telling you the whole party was just foreplay. Then I was holding breath and my heart was pounding I had to read about the fire again and how Travis found Abby and getting out what was going on in his head about his brother.

  I was so happy that this book went further they went back home and America had her little tantrum, went back to school, and told his farther and how happy he was for them what he said about what his mom would say. Ofcourse then those 3 little words to end it for both books. "You wanna bet?"

  The epilogue, so its eleven years latter and Travis is working for the FBI, and he just took down Benny, I know, I know I didnt go into when they went Vegas but I thought that would just make this even longer and if you read Beautiful Disaster then you know who Benny is, anyway Benny is now dead and he is going home to his family. I thought it kinda weird that apparently Abby wasnt supposed to know he's in the FBI I mean she knew that he was a criminal justice major why would he go into advertising you know. Anyway they have twins a boy, James, and a girl, Jessica, and one on the way. It was amazing that James, born first, is Abby I mean he's playing poker hello its Abby and Jessica is all Travis she has an attitude she's getting into fights and protecting her twin brother, little upset that she didnt actually say how old they were but I'm going with well if she had her first fight in kindergarten then their in 1st maybe 2nd grade in which case I've been going with their 6 or 7. The fact that Abby is pregnant with their third child my mind is going crazy with how this one is going to be I'm seeing the both of them in equal parts for this one he'll have Abby gray eyes, Travis's dimple, be playing poker and wining and have that temper, oh they are gonna be in trouble with this one.

  They are even stronger now, as it should be. I love this statement
Abby tamed me, marriage settled me down, and when I became a father, my entire outlook changed.

  How hope you enjoyed this as my first two reviews and the books as much as I did.

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